People are most productive…

When they enjoy their work!

I’ve lived under both styles of management.

One uses coercion, control and intimidation to motivate. 

One uses encouragement, incentives and cheers to motivate.

I prefer the latter.

In fact, I would go as far as to say the long-term success of the orginization is directly proportional to the contentment of the people in the organization. That doesn’t mean work is always fun. Work is work. But, when people feel they are making a difference and believe in the work they are doing, when they work in an environment conducive to enjoyment, the overall potential for success of the organization increases.

Agree or disagree? 

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9 thoughts on “People are most productive…

  1. I know my personal productivity has dramatically increased since shifting to a work environment that is more satisfying (working for my self in my own coaching business).
    I also find that helping people make their professional and personal environments more satisfying is now a LOT of what I do as a coach.

  2. It's true, people are more productive when they enjoy their work. They're willing to put more into the job and get things done. The other dangerous thing that happens when people don't enjoy their work – They drag their coworkers down with them and those coworkers become less productive.

  3. Ron! Ditto here. I prefer the latter. I like my leader to be encouraging and cheering me in my work. But, one caveat exists. A leader must be mature enough to use the right blend of both the options. When the situation needs, he must be able to exercise the assertiveness and get the work delivered. I have seen some people abusing the gentle nature of their supervisors.

    I would like to use the analogy of 'father' here. I expect that the father must be friendly and be supportive of their kids. But, there will be times when he must be 'fatherly' and discipline his child. Too much of pampering may spoil the child in the end. Same applies to the workplace relationship too.

  4. and,,,,,the old secret to keeping people busy and productive, therefore, happier, can be accomplished by always understaffing about 5%; sounds looney I suppose, but worked well for me. Then you can pay people more as well.

  5. I definitely agree with this sentiment. When people enjoy their work it no longer becomes work. It becomes a calling and their is a distinct difference between the two!
    Twitter: ericspeir