Saturday Night Prayer Chain, Part 5

It’s been a few months since I did a Saturday night prayer chain. It’s time.

Do you need prayer?

Here’s how this works:

You comment and leave a prayer request.

My readers and I pray.

It’s that simple.

Do you need prayer?

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39 thoughts on “Saturday Night Prayer Chain, Part 5

  1. Please pray for my kiddos and grandson, 1st family vacation for them…lots of drive time and son as he enters his junior year of college trying to make those all important decisions… Also for my husband who has been battling a tick borne illness (Rocky Mountain) with ongoing symptoms….and a pray of thankfulness for everything that God continues to bless us with.
    Thanks Ron!

  2. Even tho it is now Sunday and was not aware of this Sat prayer team.. here I am Sunday pm.. I have 3 prayer requests. Dan husband having shoulder scope on Friday he is self employed enough said:) 2. For a coworker who is very angry has most people at arms length away. 3. Our son is coming home from a college mission trip to Central America for a continued fire for Jesus and increasing The Kingdom

  3. A team of us will be leaving on Thursday for a mission trip to Hong Kong where we will partner with a local church and help lead a VBS for the children. Please pray for safety, strength, and that God would work through us to show these kids, their families, volunteers, and people in the community the love of Christ.

  4. pray for a beloved extended family member facing double mastectomy. She has two teenage children and is concerned for them as they journey thru this with her. She is a strong believer.

  5. Please pray for my aunt. She was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her lungs, liver, and lymph nodes. She began chemo today. Pray that God will give her strength, both physically and spiritually, and that she would be healed by His hands.

  6. Asking for prayers for my cousin as he and his wife have decided to divorce. Pray that God will give him peace and understanding. Also, he has 3 precious children. Pray that they will receive God's peace as well and know that they are loved.

  7. Pray for 8 year old Gunnison Riggins of Arkansas who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma cancer and has been undergoing his first round of chemo this week. Pray that the chemo is working and is even now destroying the cancer, and that Gunny will be fully healed.

  8. Still looking for work as well…want something ministry related, but keep getting a not yet. Have been looking elsewhere and that has not really panned out either. It's been almost 3 years w/ last 1 yr without unemployment benefits.

    Also found out yesterday that my mom was diagnosed w/ stage 1 breast cancer. It is a very treatable form & caught really early. Life is a bit stressful now w/ those 2 requests.

  9. Two fold: first off, a prayer for you and your family as you are entering a new season of ministry. Prayers to encourage you in the Spirit like never before, for grace and wisdom, strength, energy(!), and a fresh wind of anointing. You've been a real blessing for a lot of us in leadership roles and we all lift YOU up so He can lift you up! TYJ!

    Secondly part, been out of church leadership for a while and doing ministry in ordinary life (ministry really never stops no matter where or how you serve, does it?). Covet prayers for what God is leading me to and for wisdom and trust.

    Ok, there's a third as well…Just a prayer of thanksgiving for so many fellow Christ followers here on FB. You never know where God can use people to encourage each other-building up the Body of Christ! TYJ!

  10. In need of prayer. My husband is on workman's comp and the company just let him go due to the injury. He also needs back surgery because of the injury. I am not working because I am in college taking courses to then get a better paying job. Thank you. God Bless.

  11. My husband is in desperate need of a job. It's been close to 3 months. He's feels so dejected at times. Hate seeing him this way. I'm not working. I homeschool our two kids. Thank you.

  12. Asking for prayer as I prepare to leave on a missions trip to Cambodia. Please pray for safety during my travels, that I will be safe from sickness and will be surrounded by Gods protection during my stay in Cambodia. This is my first missions trip to a third world country and so I ask that I would be guided by Gods hand as I work with the Cambodian people. Thanks.