You Don’t Have to Address Every Fear

But it’s not necessarily a bad idea to address any known fear.

It prepares you to face other fears.

I didn’t have to jump out of an airplane. But, I faced a fear. I addressed a personal fear and now, the thought of doing it again gives me far less anxiety.

I’ve learned over the years that God assignments are likely to bring me fear. Each assignment seems bigger than the last.

I’m not alone. Throughout the Bible God called people to incredible tasks and the most common reaction was fear.

God calls people to tasks which are big, seemingly impossible and scary. (Ever been a church planter?)

You’ll probably never completely eliminate fear from your life. The world is full of the unknown. I encourage you, however, to face some of your personal fears…even the ones you don’t have to face.

You’ll be more willing and better prepared to face the fears that come from the assignments God brings into your life.

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What’s one fear you have? Do you need to address it?

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  • Great picture Ron. Makes me want to take another leap from a plane. Such a rush!

    I think my greatest fear is that I'll lead someone into the wrong choice. Changing their life and creating a struggle that shouldn't be there.

    It's a stupid fear but a real one for me.

  • I think one of the reasons why we tend to work hard on our weak areas is because we confuse 'strength zone' with 'comfort zone'. Some used to think that they are lazy because they are not working on their weak zone. And obviously their strengths zone will be kind of easy for them (because, after all, that is their strengths zone!) So it iseasy to misunderstand our strength zone as our comfort zone.

    However, we are lucky when the Lord gives us the wisdom to understand the difference. We can be operating in our 'strengths zone' for maximum effectiveness. But, we should not be in a 'lazy (comfort) zone'.

  • @Bryankr says:

    Some fears are so hard to face. They are usually the ones taught to us from childhood. From early on, we are taught ……the rest just falls into place as though we are following a well written script! For me, 2Cor 5 is something to take to heart when facing these things, the learned fears. Old things are passed away, (I love the way Paul puts it here) BEHOLD, all things are new! We have the creater of everything living inside, and He wants to teach us something new! A new way of seeing the world, looking at the childhood we had and move forward. It may nit happen over night, but it does happen completly. That part I really like!

  • Melissa says:

    Wow Ron!!! What a photo….I would have to say one strong fear would be jumping out of a plane, just kind of makes me queazy thinking about it….Love the shirt "The Peace of God" …. : ) and the look of the land from that high above, guess I would need to focus on trusting God at that point and enjoy the flight. It truly is in His hands.

    What an awesome thing to check off the old 'bucket list'. Have a great weekend.

  • Scott Chism

    Thank you Ron
    Through the last 3-4 years in my ministry I have struggled with the temptation to move on. The circumstances lead me to conclude my ministry is done. The fact is God has not made that clear yet so believing its His will I am to serve here I do so believing and trusting Him.
    The fear is what if, when it is time, what can I do where would I go, especially at my age?
    This is the challenge of trusting Him. As much as God has blessed and proven Himself to be so faithfull still in my flesh is that hesitation to step out and follow Him.
    My prayer is that He will refire my passion for ministry here to serve him whole heartedly or make the way do clear there is no dought He is leading elsewhere.
    How did God lead you and confirm the changes in your ministry. I’ll read the other posts recommended here. It may be there.
    In the mean time as my son sang at his high school graduation years ago
    “in Jesus name we press on”.
    Serving God and His people…together!

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