How God Goes Green

recycle |rēˈsīkəl|

verb [ with obj. ]

“convert waste into reusable material”

How does God go green?

God recycles.

I’m an example of that…how about you? 

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8 thoughts on “How God Goes Green

  1. Direction to those once lost; life to the lifeless; to those that once thought suicide was the only way He shows The Way. Yes sir, Imwould say God is quite green, and I am very grateful for it! Can I get a witness?!

  2. Well, Ron…you've got me on this one! I've never thought in terms of God recycling. Very cool, and yes I'm totally recycled. I think I might have been a big box in previous form that never thought outside myself. (hence, 'think outside the box'.:)

    Thanks for the very cool reminder.