Building a Platform: Introducing Michael Hyatt’s New Book

The tension between self promotion and effectiveness in ministry is huge.

As a pastor, I am conscious of appearing to build a platform for my own self interests. Being online as much as I am is a struggle for those who don’t understand my Kingdom purpose. Of course, some are looking to criticize any pastor who uses non-traditional methods. My online presence makes me even more prone to attract critics. I have to not only be careful what I say, but the way I say it. For example, if I use the term “my church” I get criticized by some who gently (sometimes not so gently) remind me that it’s not my church, but Jesus’ church.

Okay, okay, I hear you, but regardless of the methods we use, God has given us responsibility in Kingdom-building; in disciple-making. I personally recognize the opportunities we now have to use our influence in social media to advance the cause of Christ online. I’ve been doing online ministry for over 15 years, and as with anything I do, I want to do it to the best of my ability. Scripture is clear that whatever we do, we should do it to the glory of God. Being effective online means I need to build a platform from which to leverage that online influence to the highest potential. Therein also lies the tension.

That’s why I find Michael Hyatt‘s new book Platform to be especially helpfulto pastors and anyone else wanting to use their influence for good. Whether as a pastor, a non-profit leader, or an individual who wants to advance a worthy cause, the insight Michael offers in Platform will help you build a better and bigger audience and allow you to make the most of your God-given talents. Michael not only knows how to build a strong platform, but, having sat with him and heard his heart, he lives his life with Kingdom purpose. I can learn from a guy with that underlying motivation.

Honestly, I’ve said consistently, if I could leave my name off my blog I would, but people today need to know who is behind a message. For that, one needs a platform. Michael helps you do that.

Michael is the master of platform building, having built his personal brand to an exceptional level over the last few years. Michael has positioned himself as an expert in social media and leadership. Much of that has come through his willingness to invest in others, which is how I became familiar with Michael. I’ve been blessed by our time together and his investment in me.

It should come as no surprise that with the launch of Platform, Michael would want to give his readers more. For those who purchase the book between May 21 and midnight on May 25, Mike is giving away $375.98 in bonus resources for Platform. Wow! How do you beat that deal?

Build your platform now. Buy Michael’s book HERE.

Do you ever balance building a platform to leverage influence versus simply promoting yourself?

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16 thoughts on “Building a Platform: Introducing Michael Hyatt’s New Book

  1. My business is proud to find out that will around the Eileen Hyatt’s completely new e-book. And that is really proficient and number a single lettering in my experience. I really hope this particular e-book presents us a number of completely new facts and know-how and as soon as possible I'm going to purchase a single in my opinion.
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  2. Outstanding writing about Michael Hyatt’s New Book of building a Platform! This is a very true that as a reader i always expect this sort of writing from a great writer and this person has proved that he has the ability to write this sort of fabulous writing and i hope that he will his writing in near future as well. Thanks

  3. Really an inspirational book about "PLATFORM"! Especially i will suggest those who want to promote their self confidence; they should follow this book because by reading this book i have got lots of self confidence as well. So i hope people will get something exceptional by reading this book. Thanks

  4. Thanks for introducing me with Michael Hyatt’s New Book. Michael Hyatt’s always did good work and this time I think this book will be one of the great stuff of him. Now I'm very excited to read this book. Thanks dude.

  5. Great review. This book will be applicable to so many industries. Non traditional roles like pastors and non-profits can benefit greatly from his advice, as we all can. Thanks for these great thoughts.
    Twitter: tammyhelfrich

  6. Thank you so much! I really appreciate how you seem to put so many tools in our hands! I needed this one, right now! I do understand that call to online ministry. I am so compelled to be online by God. I sense it is an open door for a season for all of us and we need to step through it when He asks. I also struggle with doing my best, I want to more than ever, be a bright light online for God, but it is such an unchartered way and I have made mistakes and grown from them. I created a website and God has blessed it tremendously, more than I could ever have hoped for or imagined and now I have finished my 1st book, so I am right where I so needed this wisdom. I am sooooo finite…. it scares me… LOL… I need the Infinite wisdom and favor of God and I know He will equip me for what He has called me too! I ordered the book. Thank you!
    Twitter: kmac4him

  7. Loved your review Ron. Finding ways to apply it to non-traditional industries such as ministry is great. I can see how it would help ministers and churches build something that has lasting impact.

  8. Ron, thanks for a look at how those in ministry might look at building a platform. I agree that we should build a platform with excellence and for His glory. I believe that people want to know the person behind the message being shared, great point!