Shoutout to the Worship Leader

I was reading in 1 Chronicles recently.

It reminded me how important the role of leading worship is in a church!

Chenaniah, leader of the Levites in music, should direct the music, for he understood it. 1 Chronicles 15:22

Here’s a “Thank you” to all the worship leaders out there!

Every church needs a Chenaniah!

Are you a worship leader? Let me hear from you. Tell me where you are and your current favorite song to lead.

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12 thoughts on “Shoutout to the Worship Leader

  1. I am the worship leader at Sonrise in Cedar City, Utah. I wanted to say Thank You for giving a shout out to worship leaders it just really blessed me! It comes with a lot of pressure that no one knows unless they lead and my heart smiled when I read your post. God deserves all my praise.

  2. Hey Ron, love this scripture and what a cool insight! I just got back from a month of teaching about worship in eastern Europe, and I'm leading the contemporary service at Hendersonville TN UMC. Current favorite song to lead – Your Love Never Fails

  3. All the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ for without him we are nothing…I’m from Fort Worth, Tx, favorite song to lead right now is Victory by Gateway Worship. God bless you!
    Twitter: kbrod83

  4. Ron, thank you for saying "thank you". Often the simplest expressions of gratitude go a long way in building momentum and trust in ministry. Worship leaders and "creatives" of all types will go to the mat all day long (and then some) for leaders who value what they bring to the table. The wise leaders recognize this and maximize it for the good of the team and the Kingdom. So, as a worship leader myself, "thank you" for noticing and for appreciating the work of worship leaders everywhere. Blessings!!

  5. Ron! Cheers to the worship leader across the world. They are doing a splendid job. They are channel of blessing to many in this dark world. I praise God for such gifted people. Many cheers to them — Uma