Coveting the Wrong Mansion

I was running recently in Asheville, NC. Have you ever been there? What a beautiful city! The area where I was running is full of big houses. Mansions galore. Not Biltmore big, but bigger than my house big. Lots bigger. I was running part of the time with my mouth open. I couldn’t believe the enormity.

I kept thinking:

Wow! Who lives in those houses? What would it be like to have a house like that? How cool is that house?

Then the thought occurred to me…

It felt convicting at first, then comforting.

In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. (John 14:2)

(I love having Scripture hidden in my heart!)

I was instantly reminded that I have treasure in God that no one could afford. No one in Asheville or anywhere in the world. Bill Gates, or the new richest man in the world (I hear Bill’s not the richest anymore) couldn’t afford the treasure I’ve been afforded by my God.

Next time you run (or walk or drive) past a mansion, remember where your real treasure is.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the things of this world…be overwhelmed by the glories of His world. My richness is in Christ. How rich am I?

Are you ever like me? Do your thoughts ever get side-tracked?

Perhaps you are coveting the wrong mansion.

Often we focus on the wrong treasure. The cheaper treasure. The one that won’t last.

When is the last time God redirected your thoughts towards Him?

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7 thoughts on “Coveting the Wrong Mansion

  1. So true, Ron. We also have treasure here on earth that is of much greater value than we realize at times – family, friends, ministry and work opportunities, oportunities to develop future leaders, etc. Thanks for the reminder!
    Twitter: Michaelenichols

  2. My thoughts do get side tracked with this old world and all of its' glories AND problems….when I do focus on our treasures in heaven, I smile….nothing will ever compare to what is in store for us!

    I do tend to be a positive person (thinking in terms of what God has in store), but just like everyone…slip back into my selfish behavior and thoughts…wanting, admiring, worrying….but when I do refocus (on my new grandson for example), the treasures that He shares, and blesses, us with…. is simply overwhelming. God is great. Even in our straying thoughts, He gently guides us back to Him and for that I'm very thankful.