The Pressure of Easter Preaching

Pastor do you feel a pressure on Easter unlike other Sundays?

It seems there is an internal pressure to:

  • Find an obscure verse.
  • Address the story from a new angle
  • Reveal new insight in applying the story
  • Develop a character like no one else has
  • Tell the story in a fresh way

I feel the pressure. Am I alone?

What if we simply preach that Christ was crucified, buried and rose again?

What if we let the Gospel be the Gospel? What if we let truth prevail and the Holy Spirit be the teacher?

What if we drop the pressure and share the truth that God still loves sinners, that the Cross is still enough and that He is calling people to repentance and restoration?

What if we share the glory of the resurrection, not in a way that brings attention to our creativity in preparing a message, but in His humility and grace on the cross?

What if we decrease so the light of the world might increase?

That’s my aim this Easter. Who’s with me?

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15 thoughts on “The Pressure of Easter Preaching

  1. I have to admit , that as a Teacher, I find myself in the same quandary . I never really thought that much about it from this angle, till I began to notice that so many people listening to my lessons, have never heard any of it! Trying to be a little more detailed, having that "special" insight, is really not going anywhere. I started doing more teaching with the basics; Discipleship, Christianity 101! They have gotten so much out of it, and I am enjoying it more than before!
    Twitter: bryankr

  2. Ron! This is a natural phenomenon that exists across the cultures.
    Anything special brings in the extra pressure. The pressure to do something extraordinary sprouts at these special moments. I can relate to the mental pressure that you undergo. I feel the same when I am scheduled to address the gathering during the days of global audit conference. Though I address through regular webex meeting every month, special events such as this bring in extra pressure to me.
    But, I feel when we wait upon the Lord with all sincerity, He will show us the light.

  3. Therefore, we preach with simplicity the hope found by living for Jesus, the Christ, to those who need to grasp ahold of that hope, and we preach with simplicity the hope found by living for Jesus, the Christ, in such a way as to break into the protective shell of many who say they have no need of Jesus in their lives. That is a challenge for every pastor each week. It is a solemn trust given to the pastor each week by God. God's word spoken through the pastor may be the last word before hope is gone. But then again, does not each Christian have that same responsibilty in how we live and share that hope with those whom we connect and interact with each day at work and at home?

  4. I will miss preaching again this Easter since I am presently not a pastor in a church. It was always a highlight for me preaching about the hope found in the risen Christ. However, the message each week should be the same, in that, we should preach the simplicity of the gospel message of the Christ who came, died, and rose again. What a message. That simplicity will come with various scripture references and sermon titles, but ultimately the message has to be presented as hope for a world that so desperately needs hope. The message must also be proclaimed simply and with relevance to an audience that in many ways has crowded the Christ as relevant into obscure corners of their lives.

  5. I’m with you! I’ve been wrestling with this all week. Your advice is spot on and I’m takin it to heart. Thanks and be blessed!
    Twitter: Pastormikel