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By March 31, 2012Encouragement
Ron Edmondson

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  • Education can change our life and it takes different in our behaviors. We know that if we give respect, we get respect in response. Education brings sweetness and humbleness in our behaviors so we can talk very politely.

  • True Ron! Failure happens at times in our life. Many fail in this world at some point in their world. But, it takes a wise man to learn from such experience. As the book of Proverbs puts it, " As a dog returns to it vomit, a fool repeats his folly."

  • Peter Walters says:

    "Occasions make not a man fail, but they show what the man is." Thomas a Kempis

  • @DEhlersGuam says:

    I agree – no matter, there will always be some type of failure, you must accept it and learn from, then move on.

    One of the best posts I've seen on this is by Ralph Marston:

    Failure is a normal and natural part of achievement. When the failures come, learn from them and then move quickly along.

    Failure is not the worst thing that can happen. The worst thing that can happen is to let the fear of failure prevent you from ever doing anything.

    If your top priority is to avoid all failure, then you will surely fail. For only by accepting and living with the possibility of failure can you succeed and achieve.

    Failure is not the end of the world. It is merely another step on the pathway to fulfillment, wisdom and achievement.

    Though you would never intentionally set out to fail, when failure does come the best thing to do is to gracefully accept what has happened. That will enable you to gain the most positive value from it.

    Then you can move right along to the next step, and soon you’ll be a long way past the failure, filled with more wisdom and experience. Let failure be, and achievement will surely come.

  • @randpyr says:

    Yes. I could not be where I am in my profession if I did not make mistakes and learn from them. That is the part of the process. It is not always fun but it is need.

  • Bryankr says:

    Certainly! Some of the best learning experiences I have ever had came from looking out of the hole I just tripped in. I learn as much about me as I do about the issue.
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