One Thing All Leaders Have In Common

I was talking with a pastor recently who had a hard decision to make. After much prayer and wise counsel, he was certain this decision would positively impact the church to continue the momentum God had granted them, but he also knew it was likely to be unpopular with some in the church. He anticipated kickback especially from a certain group, so he kept delaying the decision, even though he knew it was something he needed to do.

He needed some encouragement. Sometimes I do. Sometimes you do.

I reminded him of one thing all leaders have in common…

In fact, I’m not sure you could be an effective leader for long if you don’t have this characteristic.

All leaders embrace change.

And they aren’t afraid to create it when needed.

To a genuine leader, status quo is unacceptable, even boring.

You can stand still without a leader. You don’t need a leader to remain the same.

If you want to go somewhere new, if you want to explore unchartered territories, if you want to go where you may even be afraid to go, but know you need to go…

You call on a leader.

Throughout the Bible, God called men and women to challenge the norm, defy the realms of rational thought, and ignore the naysayers, in order to accomplish His plan. He called those willing to lead His people. They may have had fears, they may have questioned their own abilities, but by faith they led people where God wanted them to go.

Leaders challenge the process. They chart new paths. They create journeys others want to follow.

The best things in life generally don’t happen in a day. They happen through change, sometimes gradual and sometimes monumental change, but change produced with intentionality, diligence and patience….one step at a time. Leaders use change to move people towards fulfilling greater realities; to dream bigger dreams and achieve things of lasting value. God uses leaders to move people to places of eternal significance.

Don’t be afraid of the change you sense God is leading you to make. That’s what leaders do!

Leader, what is a change you are currently helping become reality?

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8 thoughts on “One Thing All Leaders Have In Common

  1. Life is a constant change so they say. Leaders must always be ready to embrace change especially when it will benefit the majority in the long run. It's common that people will tend to resist change, but the task of the leader is to explain how in the long run a change in the way they do things will impact the organization and the people in a positive way. Thank you for this very encouraging post.


  2. Change is the hardest work there is – especially in ChurchWorld! As a church staff member for over 23 years, I encountered the most resistence whenever change was contemplated, usually to the tune of "we've always done it this way." That comment always reminded me of what humorist Will Rogers said: "Things ain't what they used to be and probably never was." The reality is that life is change. As church leaders, we must not shy away from change, but roll up our sleeves and lead change. Good thoughts on your post.