Some of my most re-tweeted Tweets.

I have many blog readers who don’t use Twitter. Some pastors I know have said they don’t understand the value of it. It may not be for everyone. Some would simply prefer to read it in a blog. I decided though, that I’d bring some of my Tweets to you here.

Here are some of my most re-tweeted (most shared) tweets over the last couple months:

  • Do anything of value or worthwhile and you invite the critics to join you. The best defense is a continued offense.
  • God is thinking higher thoughts…are you? (Isaiah 55:9)
  • Leadership stopped being easy as soon as people got involved 🙂
  • I wonder if God giggles when He sees His children laugh…
  • My mom is such an innovator, she skipped Myspace and went straight to Facebook 🙂
  • Don’t expect to minimize complaints because you’re doing the right thing. The only way to do that is to do nothing.
  • To succeed as a leader you need to succeed at character, commitment and competence.
  • God sees potential in you that you can’t see. He’s got plans for you that you can’t imagine.
  • Don’t let your inability to understand keep you from your ability to respond by faith in obedience
  • It’s a cheap grace that comes with a list of stipulations
  • Satan loves a good disruption….but remember, he’s a loser.
  • Make sure your leadership is more about people, less about programs; more about progress, less about process.
  • If you’re not feeling the weight of leadership…well…then you’re probably not leading…
  • One time God parted the Red Sea & thousands of people crossed on dry ground. That same God isn’t overwhelmed by your situation
  • A Christian who is never happy about anything is like a pig who doesn’t like mud…Or something like that….
  • When you quit trying to be like someone else you have a better chance of being who God designed you to be.
  • If you only trust on days things are going well…well…that isn’t much of a trust, is it?
  • If we will trust God with our eternity, why wouldn’t we trust Him with our current situation?
  • True, genuine, trust with your life friends are rare. If you find one, hang on to them.
  • The way we learn to handle disappointment often determines the degree of contentment we have in life.
  • Some people need to lighten up….Life would be more fun…just saying 🙂
  • That day everyone agreed with you….did you also see pink elephants, or was it just that one illusion?
  • The less I pretend it’s all about me, the more I can live the reality that it’s all about Him.
  • Leadership requires picking your head up & seeing what’s coming while everyone else is consumed w/the task at hand…
  • Often you have to do the difficult thing before you can do the things you enjoy. #Discipline
  • If you keep looking for excuses…you’ll keep finding them…. #JustDoIt
  • If you don’t ask hard questions…you’ll only get the easy answers…
  • Collaboration and communication leads to cooperation and completion #Leadership
  • Never underestimate what God can do with a person’s story! Never.
  • Satan loves to frustrate, confuse, and distract godly leaders. Be aware, seek truth, stand strong, let nothing move you…
  • Frustration with self is often disguised as anger towards others….
  • Worry is usually a product of mistrust…
  • Life stopped being easy after I became potty trained…or at least I don’t remember it being too difficult prior to that…
  • A mature leader says what needs saying & doesn’t say what needs kept silent. And knows the difference.
  • If your relationship with God is based on performance you’ll often feel distant from God….Our hope is faith in Jesus & HIs righteousness
  • Don’t miss what matters most by worrying about what doesn’t…

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