12 Things I’ve Learned About God

God is not afraid to stretch you to fit His will

God is patient

God never lacks for resources

God has creative ways of accomplishing His will

God is never stressed by my current situation

God works bad for good in its time

God loves a good redemption story

God is never interested in a halftime commitment

God’s power knows no bounds

God loves with an everlasting love

God never wastes an experience

God forgives thoroughly

Which of these do you need as a reminder today?

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16 thoughts on “12 Things I’ve Learned About God

  1. — God's timing is the right timing.
    — God can do good immeasurably beyond what we could imagine.
    — We are what we are by His grace and by our merit.
    — Our God is a God of second chance; He nevers gives up on us.

  2. I like all of them, but I particularly like "God loves a good redemption story." I'm starting a journey of dealing with a specific sin head on rather than passively ignoring it.
    Twitter: _thomasmason

  3. God loves a good redemtion story. I hope so through the reconcilation of my marriage soon, because God is the only one that can bring it back together.

  4. I needed to be reminded about God's creativity. I am focusing on helping others be more creative, and He needs to be my ultimate source of wisdom in that.
    Twitter: KariScare

  5. The fact that God is 'never stressed' will get me through the day. I don't guess I've ever thought about God being stressed…Don't worry, be happy (He did the original song right!)

    Have a great day Pastor Ron!