10 Easy New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

By December 31, 2011Culture, Encouragement

I’m like many others on this day. I’m not a big new year’s resolution person. I am huge on setting goals, but resolutions seem to be broken more than they are kept. Perhaps it’s a bias we have towards resolutions. I think part of the reason, however, is that when we set goals, we are more realistic, but when we set resolutions, they are often so lofty we’ll never attain them. We give up shortly after we start.

What if we set easy-to-follow resolutions?

This is the time of year when we reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new. In this new year, as every year, I want to do more and live better than I did in the previous year.

Do you want a few resolutions you can actually keep?

Here are 10 easy resolutions you can actually keep:

1. Dear God, we will talk more this year.
2. I will think before I eat.
3. I will do some form of exercise or physical activity every week.
4. I’ll open my Bible every day.
5. I’ll improve at least one relationship.
6. I’ll organize one closet (or even one drawer).
7. I’ll learn one new skill.
8. I’ll attempt to be a better listener.
9. I’ll smile more. (Stretch yourself and insert laugh here.)
10. I’ll remind myself of one thing I’m thankful for everyday.

These may not be “change your life” resolutions. Honestly, how well do you keep those anyway? These are resolutions you can actually keep. But, don’t even try to keep all of them. Pick two or three  as your own. (Or come up with your own.) You have a whole year to accomplish it. Make a fresh start in a few areas, you’ll begin to see progress, and it will inspire you to do even more.

The key to accomplishing any goal or keeping any resolution is starting and then continuing until it becomes a habit. This year, lower your bar just a little in hopes that positive change actually sticks.

Every major accomplishment starts somewhere.

What are some other easy-to-keep resolutions?

What positive changes are you going to make in the new year?

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