12 Top Blog Posts of Some of My Favorite Bloggers

As a blogger, there are some posts I love more than others. There are other posts that get more traffic than others, often to my surprise. I assumed this is true of some of my blogging friends also, so I decided to ask them. I emailed some of the bloggers I read most frequently and asked them to send me a post that met one of the following criteria:

  • Their favorite post
  • Generated the most traffic
  • Developed the most conversation or interest

Here are a dozen of my favorite bloggers, followed by one of their more popular  posts (Titles are clickable links):

Michael Hyatt


Pete Wilson

Everyone Needs Healing

Ed Stetzer

Legalism, “The Help,” and a “Woman’s Place”

Artie Davis

How to LEAD all the TIME, without Leading ALL the TIME

Jenni Catron

The Floundering Leader

Tony Morgan

10 Keys to a Smart Staffing Strategy

Wayne Elsey

Hand out or Hand up?

John Saddington

The Ultimate Guide to Launching a WordPress-Powered Blog

Brad Lomenick

20 Points on Leading Millennials

Ben Reed

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Small Group Fun

Jeff Goins

How to Influence People: The Most Overlooked Secret

And one of my own:

7 Ways I Protect My Heart and Ministry From an Affair

By the way, if you are not reading these blogs, I would highly recommend them.

Add to this post by leaving a link to one of your posts, or one from a blog you read, that should be mentioned here, please leave in the comments. 

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