Brag Friday: Share Your Blog

I’m looking for some new blogs to follow. I may or may not know you have one.

Today, I’m giving you permission to brag on yourself.

Gotta blog? Let me hear from you. Comment on this post and give me your blog link. I’ll check it out (and so will many of my readers.

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Let’s find some great new blogs!

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185 thoughts on “Brag Friday: Share Your Blog

  1. Ron your posts are inspiring! Thank you for the opportunity to share my posts with you and your readers. hope you have a chance to check them out. My posts are insights that motivate me to live for God and enjoy life no matter what may. My prayer is that “The Words That Breathe Life” flow like deep fresh water in someone else soul and breath hope, joy , love they need to conquer life , courage to press through.

  2. Check out my completely original serial science fiction novella blog. 
    It centers on Marcus Metiline, a patent mediator, who is commissioned into the most lucrative assignment of his life. His employer, the eccentric CEO of The Belis Corporation. 

    In the middle of the last century The Belis Corporation took steps to monopolize technology and therefore the free market. Through successful presidential backing and strategic proprietary purchases, The Belis Corporation became the most powerful corporation in the US. In The corporate city of San Jose, California, in the year 2012, Marcus Metiline makes a discovery that threatens the entire BelisCo empire, and Colin Belis and his machine will need all of their power to stop him.

  3. What if a community of learners formed to teach other and learn from each other? What if they could teach and pass on lessons more relevant than any slow moving educational reform could ever offer? What if this all was more like AA meetings than an MBA class? From these and other questions emerged the Secret School of Business. Here's our blog: Our mantras/DNA are: Learners not lurkers, 2 are better than 1, and don't get ready, get started. See what you think Ron.

    Keep creating…lessons worth learning,

  4. is three women, writing to understand, AND writing to be understood, sharing HIS story of redemption, leading others to deeper life change, by opening up about tough topics like sexual abuse, drug recovery, death of a parent, struggles of being a leader, dreams. we are moms to 10 kids, church leaders, wives, and friends.

  5. I take a couple of days off and I miss this?!?!? Though late, I will jump in anyway!

    My name is Chris Patton and I have started a new blog called <a title="Christian Faith At Work" href="">Christian Faith At Work. I am writing it to business owners and leaders who are trying to figure out how to integrate their Christian faith into their businesses.

    By including the resources I have accumulated over the past eight years of learning to use my business as a vehicle for ministry, as well as real-life examples from my experiences, I will teach the readers how to run their business from an eternal perspective.

    They will not only learn from the resources I have gathered, but they can also interact with someone who is actually doing it, learning from my mistakes and victories.

    Come take a look! I would love to hear your thoughts!

  6. My blog is where I focus on worship, worship leading/planning, and creativity. A lot of the content is directed at people involved with worship and creative ministry, but there are also plenty of posts that address worship in general for everyone. Plus, sometimes I just post something random because I like it. Hope that you'll visit and be encouraged on your journey of worship.

  7. Hey, my name is Jason Walters and I am an author and co-creator of OneBeatBlog. My team and I are a youth ministry blog from people who are working in youth ministry. Our goal is to unite the hearts of people in influential position in students' lives. We want to join together parents and youth workers, and equip them to teach and grow their students to impact their generation. You can check out the purpose of our blog here: or our homepage and most recent blog here: Thanks! — Jason

  8. Thanks for this great opportunity, Ron. My blog and ministry is "Messy Marriage" and is all about providing resources and support through real-life and relevant articles that help those who feel overwhelmed by the challenges in marriage. Our bottom line is to point our readers to Christ who is the Great Redeemer of all messes in our lives and marriages. My site can be found at –

    • That's a great title. Marriage can be exactly that, but I love watching God take something messy and make it beautiful!
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  9. Hey Ron, thanks for doing this. I'm a worship leader, artisan, and instructor. I blog to Encourage Wholehearted Worship Worldwide.

    My posts include free music downloads, practical worship leading tips and theology of worship.

  10. This is actually my wife’s blog. I thought I share it with everyone here. We have a 10 month old son and my wife Elaine has written some parenting stuff she found helpful in our bringing up baby Christopher. Hope you guys will be blessed when reading it. Oh by the way Elaine is quite a techy so there are some other useful tech info I hope will help you too. I thank God for a lovely and smart helper who is my everything, second to God.

  11. I am a Christian blogger and digital artist who (incidentally) types with a headstick due to Cerebral Palsy. My blog, The Things That Come Out Of My Head, is a journal, of sorts, covering everything from my adventures in Boston to my digital painting. In all my posts, however, my desire is to encourage Christians and show Jesus to non-Christians. Ron, thank you for this opportunity to share my blog:

  12. Ron, it was great to meet you at the CCB conference in CO Springs. My blogspot is
    i blog about Leadership, Missions, Parents & Teens, Sports and various Bible topics from my 31 years of ministry experience. I just started blogging and using Twitter 6 months ago. I'm loving it and learning so much.

    Thanks for the love on your blog.

  13. I have written words of encouragement to the Body of Christ for over 16 years but within the last year, I began a blog at . My husband and I have served the Lord for 40 years…as long as we have been married. Thank you for making this an opportunity to share my blog link. I pray that any who come and visit will be blessed and encouraged! Soli Deo Gloria!

  14. Hi All –

    Recently, I started blogging on teamwork and collaboration in the church, trying to bring communication resources to pastors and church leaders to help them be more effective in ministry. You can find my blog at

    I'm a professor of group and organizational communication at Azusa Pacific University and write as a practical academic regarding: developing and working in elder/leadership/executive and ministry teams, creating collaborative organizational structures and practices, and facilitating life-changing small group (a.k.a. community, home, or discipleship group) experiences in church and other ministry contexts.

    Ron, thanks for your blog and your insights.

    And all, thanks for checking out what I'm doing — I hope its helpful to you!


  15. Hey Ron, thanks for the opportunity to share my blog. The Blog is Worship Evaluation: Asking the Right Questions. It is a blog challenging worship leaders and worshipers to evaluate worship based on the deeper issues of biblical, historical, and theological content instead of just evaluating based on style. It also offers suggestions to consider to be more effective in our leadership and relational skills.

  16. Ron, Thanks for the opportunity. My blog is We dance on life’s edge with the choices we make, each taking us in intended and unintended directions. Thin Difference explores and encourages us to grab ahold of our lives and actively lead them with choices that light us up inside and inspire those all around. Thanks for the opportunity, and I enjoy your insights and writings! Jon

  17. Thanks Ron for this opportunity-this shows the heart of a generous leader. My blog is simply called Gary Runn and attempts to offer thoughtful and practical help on spiritual leadership. My passion is to help leaders lead well. Here is my link:

  18. Life can often present us with circumstances we never anticipated. The unfortunate truth is that we all have to navigate these difficult seasons with little understanding, not much experience, and a willingness to learn more about ourselves than we wanted to know.

    I offer you only my story; walk with me…

  19. Hi Ron,

    I first discovered you on twitter and have enjoyed a number of your posts in the past. I appreciate your willingness to give others like myself the opportunity to contact you in this way. You can find my blog at I write on successful Christian living, Christ-Centered Ministry, the Church and Vocation. I'd love to have you stop by and give a read.

  20. Hi Ron,

    I first discovered you on twitter and have enjoyed a number of your posts in the past. I appreciate your willingness to give others like myself the opportunity to contact you in this way. You can find my blog at I write on successful Christian living, Christ-Centered Ministry, the Church and Vocation. I'd love to have you stop by and give a read.

  21. Can't wait to check out all of these blogs. I am a professional organizer in TN and on a task force to start an orphan ministry at our church. We sold our house and downsized in half this year. I write about how we are simplifying life and orphans and travel at

  22. I write "RenaissanceRules" at , about Ethics, Leadership, Art, Architecture & Urban Design, Human and Natural Environments, Venice Italy, related Book, Restaurant and Winery Reviews as well as whatever suits my fancy or piques my interest at the time. The basis of the title is my massive project addressing steps to move ahead with life: Recapitulation, Reformation, Renewal, Renaissance! I hope you will take a look. Today's post is "Tough Art" for Society's Collective Memory. Breslin. Do you remember it? This exhibition captures portraits of those who cannot forget, and neither can we afford forgetting: . Thanks!

  23. I write a blog called "a blog". I write about the various curiosities with which I am current infatuated with. The topics are wide and varying but I try to add a little bit of value and humor each post.

    Pretty excited about checking out all the folks that added their blogs here as well.

  24. Hi Ron. Like many here, your insights and your blog has inspired me to start writing. In fact I just started another just last night and I am very excited about it and about being to share them here:

    Personal – <a href="” target=”_blank”> Here I started to blog mainly about a missions trip, relationships, faith and tech. Someone once told me to be exclusive to something and I am still trying to figure out what that one thing is because I enjoy writing about many things.

    Secondary- <a href="” target=”_blank”> This one is inspired by mainly because I read that people, including myself, read "lists" so I decided to start a blog around it. The title of each post will be "# of ways to _______". I love helping people and that's why I am SO excited about this one.

    Thanks for allowing us to market our blogs on your platform Pastor Ron!

  25. My Mess…His Success is all about God's grace to our family. I share book reviews for both children and adults and write about the lessons God teaches our family through everyday faith. The blog has a laundry theme because well, with 7 kiddos, there is a lot of relation between life and dirty clothes. 🙂 We have a funny stuff story-telling section about baby poop and all the other fun stuff little ones bring on. Thankfully, God cleans all of us up if we allow Him! Hope you'll stop by!

  26. Ron, I LOVE that you do this! Thanks so much. I have a daily prayer blog ( and the "Desperate Pastor" blog ( I'd love to have you and your readers check them out.

  27. Hi Ron, thanks so much for all that you contribute. In fact, you're one of the reasons I was inspired to start writing myself. I'm honored to be serving as the Creative / Media Arts Director at a large church in Buffalo. I write mostly about the church and creativity. My most recent post is an article titled "4 Large Churches Trade Pastors and Worship Teams". Yes, it's different. But we're so excited to see God move.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, but even more so thanks for all that you share. Your posts are encouraging and inspiring.

  28. Thank you Ron for sharing your platform with all of us and thanks especially for the content share which continues to challenge me to lead well in the home and the work place.

    My blog, Leveraging Life is the exchange of life lessons as viewed through the lens of Faith with the hope that those lessons can be leveraged for the good of others.

    Some key topic points: Faith, Leading Well, Battling Cancer, Overcoming Adversity, learning to trust God period in all things.

    Thanks again!!

  29. Thanks for the chance to share, Ron!

    I blog at primarily on church leadership and doing ministry well. I am a bit of a systems geek, so there is some of that thrown in, and a weekly post aimed at church finances. I typically post something new five times a week.

    Thanks for letting me share, and for all that you share with us here!

  30. Hey Ron, what a great idea! I'm a leadership coach and team dynamics expert working primarily with high-capacity Christian leaders and their teams. I write a lot about how life transformation happens–both on the personal and organizational level–and give practical next steps for leaders looking to grow personally as well as create a culture of transformation in their organization or faith community. Most of my posts are inspired directly out of my work with Christian leaders.

    You can find me at .


  31. Hi, Ron

    Interesting – my first response was "Why would I need permission to brag? A little paradoxical, ain't it?":)

    However, we humans do often need some type of permission, so here goes:

    The Strategic Learner ~ my primary blog for longer posts on learning leadership, and human behavior. Find this one at

    Strategic Learning Today ~ my Tumblr blog for short and "sweet" posts on a wider range of topics. It's at

    Thanks for doing this and for your consistently interesting and refreshing posts on leadership and life – you are one of my daily pleasures:)


  32. Hello Ron! I’ve been enjoying your posts and Tweets for quite some time. My blog Learning2Hear is where I write about what I learn from reading and studying the Bible, life’s challenges, and random thoughts or quotes. I’m learning to hear from God in not only the big issues like my battle with cancer, but also in my everyday following Jesus life.
    Twitter: learning2hear

  33. Thanks for doing this Ron. I’m Jeff Mc Clung and write at a blog at (clever, right?). I’m a Kid’s Pastor and I write tales, tips, and tools from the trenches of kids ministry to help NextGen leaders help kids love Jesus and win at life. I also write about leadership, social media, faith, and humor. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check it out.

  34. Thanks, Ron. I encourage people by helping them view life from God's perspective. I also write on leadership and share my interest in cars. Today, I wrote about Billy Graham and the Modesto Manifesto. I serve as the Senior Pastor of Spanish River Church in Boca Raton, Florida.