Scripture Memorization, Week 43

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  • Tina says:

    I've been out of work a little while but not too panicked by that, trying to trust that God has a plan. I really do believe it and I've been pretty much okay. But the other day my husband was laid off too. With one kid in college and another in high school destined for college in a couple years, this is a scarey situation. My gut instinct is not to worry too much because I really do believe that God will take care of us and he has a plan for us. But sometimes that fear creeps in and it is very distressing when it's got a hold of me for those few moments. I just have to give myself a good mental shake and remind myself that everything happens for good and God will never abandon me. I just wish He'd let me in on the plan.

  • Andre says:

    I have to admit, fear has been overwhelming me lately. But like you said once (I think), fear is nothing but 'false evidence appering real'. I still have hope and I do remind myself that God promised to never leave me, but my faith is put to the test. It's not easy to face some hard facts without being discouraged by them. But God's timing is not my timing, nor His ways my ways.

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