They Went Home…

Then the disciples went back to their homes. John 20:10

The disciples had gone to the empty tomb. They saw where the body of Jesus had been laid. He was not there. He had risen, yet the Scripture said at this point they still did not understand what had happened. (vs. 9) They left the greatest miracle of eternity…returned to their homes…but didn’t yet understand.

The disciples didn’t get it…even though they had walked with Jesus several years and this was carried out just as Jesus had prepared them…they couldn’t grasp the complete story.

It made me wonder…

Should we be surprised when people come to our church…we share the simple Gospel….yet they leave still failing to understand?

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “They Went Home…

  1. I don't think we should at all be surprised, even though we often are when people don't respond. Not only do we have the example of the entire history of the Israelites and also the disciples (who we really shouldn't be too hard on), but Jesus himself told the disciples this would be the case. For example, the parable in Mark 4 about scattering seed. Paul and other New Testament writers also would point this out.

    Unfortunately, I've been in too many conversations with mature believers (ie elders) who seem to have a hard time understanding this reality. It is unfortunate that everyone doesn't respond. However, as another poster said, it is ultimately the Holy Spirit's role to soften and open hearts. Ours is to be faithful in proclaiming the truth of who God is and His love.

  2. It's not surprising. Had every unbeliever who come to church for listening to Gospel gave their heart to Christ, then almost three-fourths of entire population would have become believers way back. It's the Holy Spirit that need to move their hearts. I believe one day every tongue in this world will confess Jeus is Lord

  3. I suppose it doesn't need to be a surprise. It breaks my heart into pieces however. I pray that God would humble those of us in leadership positions in such a way that His spirit penetrates us deeply and that we allow Christ to be not just seen in us, but magnified , glorified and exalted through our submission to Him.