Pray and Don’t Give Up

By September 25, 2011Devotional, Encouragement

Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. Luke 18:1

Our example comes from Jesus! We should pray and not give up! 

  • What are you facing today, which you have been facing for some time?
  • What in your life needs a touch of God?
  • For what have you been waiting to hear a word from God?
  • Is there something you can’t handle on your own?
  • Is there some special request only God can answer?

Jesus would say, “Pray and don’t give up!” Now, it’s important to understand that God is not going to contradict Himself. His character never changes. If you are asking God to let you have an affair, or to help you cheat on your taxes, don’t expect to get what you want! But, if your request doesn’t conflict with scripture, if it isn’t sinful, and it will give glory to God, go ahead and ask expectantly! Pray, and keep on praying until God gives you an answer. Don’t give up!

In my experience, and with what I read in the Word of God, He will either grant you your request (in His time) or His reason for “No” will be far better than what you could have received by a yes answer. It is important to remember too that God deals in terms of eternity, not within our finite world.

If you have started to waver from your request in recent days, Jesus reminds you, “Don’t give up!” God, the great Father, loves to give good gifts to His people.

Be bold and share one consistent prayer you have in your life.

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