10 Reasons I Love Our Military Families

I am honored to live in a military town. All my life I have known soldiers. Some of my best friends and family have been military-related. Our church has a large military population. I have heard people talk about the burden of military families on a church, because every three years they have to be replaced. The family in this picture was in our community group, but left our church for a reassignment. Cheryl and I could not love a family anymore than we love them and we’ve loved staying in touch with them.

I have always felt our church was stronger because of our military families, for as long as they might stay.  Therefore, as we celebrate military families, here are 10 Reasons why I love the military families in our church:

  • They are some of the most dedicated people I know
  • They bring experiences with them from around the world
  • They have great work ethics
  • They are expectant of great things from God
  • They are appreciative of any ministry
  • They make wonderful volunteers
  • They build friendships for life
  • They are sacrificial givers
  • They raise awesome families
  • They are brave soldiers, protecting my right to do what I do

God bless our military and God bless America!

(I previously posted this over 2 years ago, but thought it appropriate to re-post, slightly edited, in honor of this weekend.)

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7 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Love Our Military Families

  1. Dear Ron Edmondson,

    It is a great blessing for me and my brethren in the Lords’ Ministry.For what you are doing is even great than who I am.But what I can just add as my advice to you is “DON’T BE PROUD” God is there to give you an appreciation.

    Rev.Felix Zara Korai

    Diocese of Mundri

    South Sudan