Are you date sensitive or specific?

I have an anniversary this week. Most likely we’ll “celebrate” a month from now. We are taking a few day trip to one of our favorite cities…Philadelphia! (You can read my favorite things about that city HERE.)

Cheryl is more date sensitive than I am, but neither of us get real uptight about delaying a celebration. This time we may be more interested in hanging out with our son Nate, who is only home for a few weeks before heading back to college. Cheryl, however, is always understanding that our schedules (especially mine) don’t always allow us to celebrate on the day.

I have a few “just being curious” questions…

  • Are you date sensitive?
  • Does the celebration have to occur on the day…the birthday…the anniversary?
  • What about Christmas?
  • If you miss a date, do you HAVE to make it up…or do you just wait until another year?

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5 thoughts on “Are you date sensitive or specific?

  1. I am ok with not celebrating on the exact day as long as there is some recognition of it and it is agreed that it will be celebrated later.

  2. I am totally NOT date sensitive… maybe because I always feel like I'm running behind and never completely ready. I can celebrate whenever it works out. My dad is still asking me about our dinner for my June bday (turned 50 – ouch!) and I said

  3. To be honest: i am more date sensitive than my wife is. (No comment needed!) LOL At the same time, we are both so laid back about some dates that we are okay if we have to make them up. I remember things a whole lot more than she does. At the same time, we are not opposed to making up the date on another day. As for Christmas, since neither of our children live close, we have been sometimes forced to celebrate it on another day. This year will be one of them since it is a Sunday. I have found that making the effort to remember and promise a celebration later is enough.

    • No fun making here…our oldest son falls into this category too! He loves special days!
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