3 Things I Love About New Orleans

I have had a distant love and attraction to the city of New Orleans since hurricane Katrina and the aftermath devastated that city in 2005. Before Grace Community Church officially launched, we wrote our first check to relief efforts in that city. I was in New Orleans for the first time earlier this week. I spent a couple days visiting our student ministry team who were there on a mission trip. It was a very quick trip, but in addition to seeing the great work our team was doing, I was able to visit with a few great pastors doing good work in the city.

I had been to Louisiana a couple times, but had never made it into the city of New Orleans. It was hot and humid, but I left with some good memories and was glad to see some ways God is impacting that city.

On a short bus ride from the car rental hub to the airport terminal, the bus driver asked what I liked most about the city. It was an easy answer:

Food – Sorry to put that first, but it was that memorable. I never had a bad meal. I asked at the hotel where I should eat and, while she did give me a recommendation, she also said, “You won’t find a bad meal around here.” She was right by my experience.

People – Everywhere I went, regardless of the class of people I met or the side of town I was on, they were friendly and helpful. I’m sure there are a few scrooges in New Orleans, but those may be the tourists and I didn’t encounter them. From the police to the restaurant workers to the clerks in a store, the locals seemed exceptionally nice.

Resolve – New Orleans is coming back after Katrina. That period remains very much on the minds of the people. It was obviously a defining moment in their history. Progress appears slower than some want it to be and there are still frustrations with the government, but from an outside perspective I saw a people determined to love their city back to health.

Yes, there are still problems. I wish those who choose to litter wouldn’t. There are some places good Christians shouldn’t go. 🙂 The roads could use some attention. 🙂 They could lower the humidity a bit for my comfort. 🙂 I suspect they could find some of those issues in my city as well. Overall, I was impressed with the city of New Orleans.

Have you been to New Orleans either before or after Katrina? What were your impressions?

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10 thoughts on “3 Things I Love About New Orleans

  1. Love NOLA!! Love the article and am in agreement with you. We are currently in Baton Rouge but have a team headed to plant a church in NOLA next year.

    • That's awesome Jeff. Connect with my friend Rob Wilton, who commented on this post, if you haven't.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  2. We've been in Louisiana since the end of March, but we have not been to New Orleans yet. It's only about four hours away. I believe we are planning on going there in September for a getaway for my wife's birthday. I will tell you that the food is the best part of Louisiana so far. 🙂

  3. We actually moved to New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary two weeks before Katrina! We are in transition to move back now. We have visited several times since. The food is incredible and many of the "mom-and-pop" places are the best. Being from South Carolina, we also found comparatively stronger churches there. The congregations we visited were more diverse and people were open about their struggles. Of course, it is a city with a lot of spiritual bankruptcy in its midst. It is an amazing mission field right here in the States. Ministry opportunities abound as people, especially low or no income, struggle still to recover from the storm. There is unprecedented pluralism and syncretism in the culture of New Orleans. Many Christians should consider NOLA for a mission trip!

    • I drove through the campus. It's a beautiful place to attend seminary for sure. Praying for you!
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

    • I drove through the seminary. It's a beautiful campus. Glad you are reinvesting your life in the city.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson