Vacation Preferences

We are on a few days vacation this week. We came with another couple to the San Francisco area. Cheryl and I have traveled extensively, and we’ve been to California, but never to this part of the state. Even only after our first full day we love this place! It was a gorgeous day and we explored the famous Lombard Street, Fisherman’s Wharf, and walked every inch of Alcatraz today. In addition, I ran 6 miles along the bay this morning. We came back to our hotel exhausted.

This is not an atypical day for Cheryl and me on vacation. On every vacation we are never still, seeing everything we can in the time we are away, and we often go home more tired than when we left. That’s how we do “vacation”.

How do you do it?

Join my quick post today and tell me how you spend vacation.

Do you:

  • Never slow down and see everything you can?
  • Do nothing you don’t have to do and simply relax?
  • Does it depend on the location and type vacation?

BTW, just to thank you for reading my blog and bothering to comment, I’ll draw one commenter randomly to win a copy of my devotional, book, Mustard Seed Thoughts.

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17 thoughts on “Vacation Preferences

  1. On vacation myself Ron. Last day before head back. We chose to watch our grandson this time around so his parents could go on a (well-deserved) cruise. I like 2 visit w/ friends while my wife prefers solitude from people. I have had a chance 2 ride @ 135 miles on my bike w/ no time clock 2 worry about.

    • Interesting the different traditions between countries. Between us, the Europeans, appear to vacation more than Americans.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  2. For me… It is all about relaxing… That's why cruises are my favorite. Easiest for me to unplug. When we stop in a port we leave the boat awhile and do what my wife wants….. RELAX…..

  3. Depends on the location, the weather, and who i'm with. We were on vacation last week and it was wet and rainy the whole time so we didn't really do much.
    Twitter: tijuanabecky

  4. I like to pace myself. Before I arrive, I have itinerary for each day. There are a couple items for each day I "have" to do, and then a couple of "optional" items. I always leave myself plenty of time each day to do so something I had not planned to do.

  5. Ultimately, it depends on the where of vacation. But for the most part, our vacations revolve around food. My wife and I are passionate about good food. So wherever we go, we will seek out at least one 4-5 star rated restaurant and look for a market to shop local and fresh. We do a lot of relaxing, reading, cooking and eating. We see some sites depending on whether or not the kid is with us. Even then, we still eat good!

  6. Right now we have committed vacation time to mission trips and it gives our hearts great joy.
    But when I think of the kind of vaction where I completely unplug and totally re-energize I have three worlds: Beach. Ocean. Books. (lots of of all three!)

    Rest, relax, and restore!

    • I love that. We've done that as well and it's a great way to spend a vacation. Praying for you on this one.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson