The Danger of the Mundane…And How to Fight It…

A danger exists in completing the routine tasks you have to do…

  • Routine assignments at work…
  • Routines in relationships…
  • Routines in physical activities…
  • Routines in daily quiet times…
  • Routines in weekly calendaring…

I call it the danger of the mundane…

The things we always do, things that we do everyday, as good as those things may be, can become so routine that they begin to be seen as more of a drag than a pleasure. If one is not careful, the routine becomes the only. our whole world becomes scheduled and predictable. I see couples struggle with this in their marriage and individuals in their careers. It’s common…even routine.

Some of the dangers of the mundane include:

  • You stifle creativity
  • You get bored
  • You remain unchallenged
  • You leave the best things undiscovered
  • You take blessings and other people for granted

Here are some ways you can fight the danger of the mundane:

  • Discipline time to dream
  • Find new ways to do old things
  • Rotate the schedule of when you do routine things
  • Delegate routine tasks if possible
  • Trade routine tasks with others…cross train for another position…
  • Be willing to try something new…
  • Always try to have some change in your life…

Have you ever faced the danger of the mundane? How did you fight this danger?

For further reading, you can see one way my wife and I addressed this danger in our marriage HERE.

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  • ronedmondson says:

    Yes, good therapist!
    Twitter: Ronedmondson

  • Some ways of fighting this danger of mundane:

    — Being adventurous in our mind
    — Diversifying our activites in our regular schedule
    — Trying to be creative and innovative in our work
    — Setting the bar higher and always striving to outperform ourselves
    — Developing some meaningful hobbies

  • Laurinda says:

    My therapist has to remind me that we humans we created for adventure. It's a good kick in the butt to get out of comfort zones and keep trying new things.

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