Learning the True Health of a Team: Niche Consulting Offer

I want to offer a special niche consulting opportunity

Before I share it, please consider these questions:

  • Do you realize the influence you have as a leader and what effect it has on your team or organization?
  • How much would it be worth to know the real health of your organizational culture?
  • Would knowing ways to improve in your leadership be helpful to you?
  • Are you as a leader willing to be vulnerable to find the holes in your leadership?

Let’s face it. Leaders are often the last to hear of a problem on a team. Even the best leaders have blind spots they can’t see, but others see clearly. Wise leaders are open to the input of others, in an attempt to improve personally and assist the team or organization they lead.

One thing that has helped me improve in this area has been annually allowing my team to anonymously evaluate my leadership. You can read about my process HERE.

I learned from my team that my understanding of where we were and they way I was perceived, as a leader, was not always reality. My staff said some hard things to hear, but they were dead-on accurate and by adjusting my leadership to the needs of my team, I’ve become a better leader and my team has become a better team.

I want to help your team do the same.

Here is the deal:

I’m offering a special consulting opportunity for your team and leadership. I will come to your location, conduct an anonymous survey of your people’s perception of your leadership, share the results with you personally, discuss ways for improvement, and then bring the team together to discuss our findings. What I’ve discovered is that many times there are very simple adjustments to be made, better ways to communicate, or things I should be doing differently that I never knew were a problem.

This is not for the weak leader, but if you are confident you want to be a better leader, I believe I can help.

Here’s what I can promise:

  • My goal will be to protect the leader and make you better. I am pro-leader. This will be done in a way that honors your leadership.
  • You will gain insights into how you lead and learn ways you can improve.
  • This will not be as painful as it seems, but the rewards will be noticeable.
  • Your people will feel valued and appreciated for you allowing them to speak into your life.
  • You will be a better leader if you adjust your leadership according to our findings.

Just curious about this process? Send me a confidential email and let’s talk about the process? I’m limited to 12 clients this year, so act fast now.

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