3 Stumbling Blocks to Moving Forward

Do you seem to struggle to get where you hope to get in life? Do you watch as others accomplish their dreams, but yours never seem to materialize? Why do some people move forward after difficulties, but others stall?

In my experience, there are a few common reasons people are held back from accomplishing their dreams, even their God-given dreams and why people stall in life.

Here are 3 stumbling blocks to moving forward:

Refusing to let go of the past – When people allow failures or mistakes to define their life, they often refuse to try again. Many people continue the blame game, never getting past the injury caused by others. Instead of moving forward in spite of a painful past, many allow their past to remain their destiny.

Holding on to fear – Fear is a natural emotion and can actually keep us from making mistakes at times. The negative use of fear grips a person’s reality and clouds his or her ability to see beyond that which a person fears. When fear is allowed to be dominant over a willingness to take a risk, however, the person stalls.

Failing to take action – Let’s face it. Some people are lazy and refuse to assume their individual responsibility that is required to move forward. Many people aren’t lazy, but they stall because, for whatever reason, they fail to take a step towards their dream, either assuming a perfect timing will come or the stars will align in a certain order granting instant success. Unless action is taken, however, dreams almost always remain simply a dream, and never become reality.

Be honest with yourself. Which of these is keeping you from moving forward?

Have you seen other reasons? What would you add to my list?

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9 thoughts on “3 Stumbling Blocks to Moving Forward

  1. My add-ons:

    — Inability to unlearn old things and relearn new things
    — Holding on to procastination and lousiness
    — Being complacent and lethargic
    –Presenting lame excuses to resist change