5 Characteristics of Healthy Teams

Healthy teams have some things in common with other healthy teams.

Healthy teams:

Evaluate – Healthy teams are willing to think critically, without getting their feelings hurt, in order to continue to improve things.

Encourage – Healthy teams make a concerted effort to encourage others on the team.

Construct – Healthy teams build a solid foundation together so the vision is completed beyond the span of a team member.

Challenge – Healthy teams challenge each other when there is a need, in an effort to hold one another accountable, and keep the team healthy.

Cooperate – Healthy teams learn to get along, even when they don’t agree with each other, for the good of the vision and the team.

That’s my list…

What would you add?

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10 thoughts on “5 Characteristics of Healthy Teams

  1. TRUST is such a key component for teams but it doesn't come via magic wand :^).

    It's so crucial for team members to share a deep sense of trust and openness. This trust acts as the rudder in stormy waters. It serves as a leveling agent when tension comes up around topics and issues and ensures each member of the reliability of other team members.


  2. I'd like to add Honor. Healthy teams can see that every individual has something unique and powerful to contribute. They understand that every person's contribution is important, whether it be making copies or making critical decisions.

  3. I'd add Sacrifice. Healthy teams are willing to give up individual gain for greater growth of the team, the organization, the church. They do so willingly, almost second nature, to win the game, accomplish the goal, to reach out to others.