To Change or Not to Change…That is A Good Question

Determining when to make change and when to leave things the same is one of the most delicate decisions of leadership, but I know one thing for sure:

“It’s working” should never be the primary reason to avoid change.

It could be a reason. Not everything needs changing. Some things are timeless. Change for change sake sounds good but isn’t always the best idea. (I wrote about it HERE.)

But organizations and teams need change…

Change keeps momentum going. It builds a culture of change. It keeps leaders on the team motivated. And, sometimes, you discover something wonderful you would have never discovered without change. (I wrote more about that concept HERE.)

So while change isn’t always necessary, “it’s working” shouldn’t keep you from considering change either.

Which makes the decision of when to change that much more difficult…doesn’t it?

One rule of thumb for me…

If there hasn’t been any change recently…

Chances are it’s time…

I am always reminded that leaders want to be in environments of change. Leaders are most comfortable when they can explore, take risks, and keep things stirring. There’s a reason marketers are always changing things…it’s not just leaders who want change…people tend to like change too.

Sometimes leaders need to create change before change is needed…even though things are working.

Are you a fan of change, or do you resist it?

What change do you need to make just because you can?

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9 thoughts on “To Change or Not to Change…That is A Good Question

  1. Change is my friend, however it also depends on what kind of change it is. Does it benefit me, will it help me, is it a change for the good, are we being risk taking, does it support a vision..? There are some changes that I don't like, more like backward change.
    Twitter: tijuanabecky

  2. Before doing anything, I would first drop the pan and see whats in there. Black fluid means the transmission has or is overheating. Change the filter and refill. This should be regular maintenance done at 25-30k mile intervals. Get it to a trans shop for evaluation.