A Much Needed Encouragement for the Pastor

It’s Monday morning…

I have spoken with many pastors who share a common struggle with each other. If it was a good Sunday…one where God’s Spirit was at work…during the 24-hour period from Sunday noon and Monday noon…they face doubt and frustration.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I knew I was speaking truth. I knew God was working, but I was teaching on God’s purposes for marriage to many who are undergoing tough times in their own marriages. It was difficult and I felt as though I was adding insult to injury to many. I left feeling down and I allowed the enemy to discourage me.

I am blessed to have several in our church sensitive to this issue…or sensitive to God’s Spirit in their own life. Yesterday afternoon I received this email from someone in our church:


I cannot imagine how tough it had to be to deliver today’s (that desperately needed to be done) message. Thank you for being God’s “Good and Faithful Servant”. I feel as though you will (or may have already been) challenged and attacked for speaking the Truth!

Just want to remind you that the people that might not have liked it, needed to hear it the most! You know how the Devil gets when you hit a nerve. You get my vote for delivering a very difficult message that needed to be delivered.

Love you Brother!

I’m not too proud to say I needed this email. The stress of ministry is huge at times and I’m thankful for those who serve the body by building up others.

I received my encouragement this week, so I’m good.

Do you need to encourage your pastor this morning?

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  • @LScottMeyer says:

    Ron you nailed it. Encouragement is like gold or fuel to keep going even when ministry is tough. The emails like the one you received I believe are one of the ways that God uses others to minister to us. When someone encourages me either verbally or written, instead of trying to "play it off" or attempt some holy sounding redirect like, "Well it is all God" I have had to learn to tell them how much their encouragement means to me.

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  • JasonWert says:

    Well, FWIW, I'm encouraged by the stuff you post here and appreciate it. That's the reason I keep trying to meet you for dinner when I drive through your town either picking up or taking my boys back from weekend visitation. I wanted to show my appreciation through food. 🙂

    I'm glad you have folks there to encourage you. I try to encourage our pastors all the time. I've known way too many pastors who burned out and gave up on their call because they gave and gave but never really received encouragement. Most lay people don't realize how important that is for their leaders.

    • Thanks Jason. Weekends are usually harder to catch me with my family schedule. I’ve learned I have to protect those times or they just get consumed.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  • jacook76 says:

    I think it's important that we recognize the call to encourage each other…especially those who have been called to leadership. We can never fully know what a few simple words can do when spoken at the right time.

  • Steve Nelson says:

    What a great email! Sometimes just a simple Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, "God really spoke to me this weekend" on Facebook is so HUGE! Thanks for posting this, Ron.

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