The Path to a God-Given Assignment

God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful.

1 Thessalonians 5:24

I’ve learned that the path to accomplishing a God-given assignment is paved with faith.

When you experience fear, face risks, have set-backs, encounter critics and realize frustrations, it’s the faith of knowing the God who called you to the task will be faithful to complete it that keeps you moving forward.  If you are facing the temptation to give up a God-given assignment, perhaps instead of quitting, you need to spend some time renewing your faith in the God who chose you for this assignment.

Have you experienced this firsthand?

Do you need this reminder today?

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10 thoughts on “The Path to a God-Given Assignment

  1. My first two steps were reversed…. i have always been afraid of taking the risk. Growing up, I was always challenged to be the best, to do the most, to work the hardest. While that sounds good, it also limited the risks i took to the things in which I knew I could/would succeed.

    At a point now in life and ministry where God is challenging me to step things up in some areas, and there is no guarantee of success. but I just can't be the person God intends without taking this one. So, here goes… Embracing the fear, taking the risk…

    Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement!

  2. The reconnecting with self makes God extremely pleased as you follow and are your true Self. It sounds complicated but isn't really. It's a matter of choice. Quite literally 🙂