Experiencing God’s Unconditional Love

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in time of need. Hebrews 4:16 NIV

Do you know why you can approach God’s throne of grace with confidence?

Unconditional Love!   God loves you unconditionally!

Have you ever experienced the awesome feeling of knowing you are loved unconditionally?

I have come to realize how many people struggle with understanding the concept of unconditional love.

I feel so blessed to have grown up under this kind of love. My mother loves her children no matter what. I honestly believe there is nothing I could do in which she would not find a way to support me. She may not always agree with me, and she may be quick to point that out, but I have always known that I have one person in my corner.

I find that kind of love in my wife.  She can’t seem to NOT love me.  At times, it seems I test that theory I’m sure, but regardless of my attitude that day or the way I respond to her, she keeps on loving me.

I hope you had the experience of unconditional love, because it will go a long way toward understanding the deep love of our wonderful God. The truth is, however, that no matter what our experience is, we cannot fathom the depth of God’s love for His children (Ephesians 3:19).

The love of God is deeper than our level of comprehension. He loves us, not because of who we are, but because of who HE is! He is God! He is the Creator, Sustainer and Protector of the Universe. He made you and me in His image so that He could love us and we could love Him. He doesn’t just give us love; He is love.

God loves you unconditionally. You didn’t earn it; you don’t deserve it; you couldn’t buy it; and you can’t sell it. His love is yours whether you accept it or not. You cannot stop His love based on your behavior.

I don’t mean to oversimplify this, but I need to make sure I am clear on this one topic: ………………G O D  L O V E S   Y O U ! ! !………………………and He always will!

Who in your life, besides God, helps you understand unconditional love?

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14 thoughts on “Experiencing God’s Unconditional Love

  1. Oh how we need to remind ourselves of this daily. He loves us even when we don't feel like He loves us. I have written about what keeps us from the love of God.

    While it is true that no one seeks God without the Father drawing them. No one would blatantly reject the love of Christ if they really knew it. Therefore misinterpretations of events and lies in our hearts block our view of his love. Knowing that they were deceived allowed Jesus to say from the cross, “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). When we really know in our hearts the love of God, we would come running, weeping, and rejoicing into the arms of our Father. http://shorterdesigns.com/prayercoach/2009/11/16/

  2. I struggle with that concept. On the one hand, I know that He loves me unconditionally and that I've done nothing to deserve that; think that also falls under the heading of mercy and grace. I can see real tangible evidences of that in the provision that He has given me and my family over the years. But even then I doubted that for years, because so many prayers seemed to go unanswered and my marriage felt lost.

    But then, even in that, He showed His love for me by opening my eyes to my failures and showing me a way back to Him. Like Peter thrashing around in the sea when he was trying to walk on the water, I had taken my eyes off of Him and when I called out in pain, He pulled me up and put me back in the boat. Sounds like pretty strong love doesn't it? And He showed me how I was treating my wife and my marriage poorly and how I needed to change and I needed to love my wife unconditionally. So for the last two years, I've prayed daily to have Him show me how to humble myself before Him in obedience and before my wife as a servant. I try every day to live out Eph 5:25 and Phil 2:1-7.

    So here's where the confusion come in. And I understand that it's not His place to just give me everything I ask for. But after almost two years of loving her unconditionally every day, after purposing that I would willingly sacrifice my very life to protect her, that I would step up no matter what, after not only saying these things, but showing them to her in concrete ways over and over and over again, I seem to not have even one small piece of her heart back. I see every day that my prayer life has so improved and my worship on Sunday is so richer and deeper than it's ever been. I cry out to Him every day for strength and wisdom and patience and faith to trust and persevere. I believe that loving her unconditionally is what scripture calls me to as her husband and I believe that my marriage is more about my relationship to Him than to her. But I ache every day for the smallest sign of something from her heart and there is none and I guess I question that unconditional love from Him, because I believe that I am willing to give it all to Him and to my marriage and to my wife, but I stand at the end of every day so lonely and empty. What am I missing? What am I not doing or not praying or how am I not showing Him and her the depth of my resolve?

    Sorry for going on…guess it's one of those mornings. I guess the bottom line isn't so much that I doubt His love for me, it's a human longing to see that present in the pain and desire that I have each day for the repair of my marriage.

      • Thanx… and I know that He loves me unconditionally, I think it's just the human side wanting that love to heal the pains and empty spots and being frustrated. I think it's many times satan pushing my buttons and me letting him.

  3. I believe that God’s love indeed unconditional through Christ. While the conditions to break the covenant were set forth in the Torah of that Covenant – I have yet to see conditions set forth the New for it to end. (Unless we want to talk about apostasy)

  4. Great reminder! Fortunately, I've got a great close circle of friends. I've always had that. In fact I always felt God's hand over my life through the kindness of strangers and school friends.