Who Has the Best Version of Little Drummer Boy?

By November 28, 2010Culture, Encouragement

I had lots of suggestions to my Tweet yesterday asking for a favorite version of the Christmas song Little Drummer Boy.  Here are what the kind folks on Twitter suggested: (You might also find some new friends on Twitter this way.  I’d recommend all of them to you!)

You will see the Twitter name followed by their suggestion:

@AymieJoi  Josh Groban

@SymphonicStorm Jars of Clay or Truth

@Billmusa Bing Crosby and David Bowie

@bencotten  Jars of Clay

@EllisShue Family Force 5 or Wilson Phillips

@mibetteridge Bing Crosby & David Bowie

@craigclayton Jars of Clay

@robrash   Phil Wickham

@sarahpickering1 Mercy Me

@TheTrueChrisVia Jars of Clay

@andrew_acker The Almost

@tijuanabecky The Lifechurch Version

@rachelshaver Phil Wickham

@JessicaDDickson Bing Crosby and David Bowie

@lorryschoenly Jackson 5

@JohnnaBigelow Big Crosby and David Bowie

I also had several answers on Facebook, including a few different answers, but I’ll let you go to that page, since some include links.  You can connect with me on Facebook HERE.  Scroll down and you’ll see that post. If we are friends there, we should correct that.

How did my friends do?  Do you have a favorite version of Little Drummer Boy? Share it with all of us here.

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