Take Time for Excellence

Often it’s one revision…a second look…one additional opinion…that takes an idea or a project from “Okay” to noteworthy.

It happens for me when writing a sermon. If I take the time to finish, then sit on it 24 hours, then go back for one more critical look the message is always better than it was before.

Don’t rush excellence. There’s a balance between stalling too long and rushing through a decision.

For more thoughts on this subject read THIS POST.

Which do you lean towards…rushing through a project or stalling too long?

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7 thoughts on “Take Time for Excellence

  1. I lean toward stalling too long. I can over-analyze and sometimes miss deadlines or opportunities.

    I like your thoughts on balancing the two. Sometimes I need to just pull the trigger and stop thinking so much.

  2. I agree. I always write something, unless it's a quick reply note and then save it and come back to it. I might do this several times before finally sending it on. I almost always tweak something that I mis-said or spelled wrong or really didn't want to say.

  3. Ron –
    I know exactly what you mean. I am my best when I work on something – take a break – come back – take a break – and then come back again. There is something quite wonderful about the luxury of deeply thinking something through. I am grateful when I have the gift of extra time to do it, so whenever I can, I work way ahead of deadlines.

    Praying for you as you prepare for services tomorrow! Bless you. /