Will We Be Obedient?

I am amazed at what God has done through the work of the people of Grace Community Church in the first five years. We celebrated that milestone last week, but tomorrow is a new day. The start of the next five years. As a natural dreamer, I can’t help but wonder what the next five years will bring.

The anniversary caused me to be reflective this week. I thought about some of the obedience of the people following God in Scripture:

  • Noah did as the Lord commanded. Genesis 6:22
  • Moses followed God even when it meant leaving the comforts of a king Hebrews 11:27
  • Joshua did what the Lord commanded. Joshua 11:9
  • Rahab sacrificed her life for the life of some Israelite spies Joshua 2
  • Gideon led the people in spite of his weaknesses Judges 6-7

Throughout the Bible we find stories of people willing to risk everything they had to follow God, simply because He is God.

And, in turn, God seemed to favor and honor people who were obedient.

My time of reflection makes me want to obey Him even more. The question of what God will call me (us) to in the next 5 years is not near as important, at least from my perspective now, as the question of whether or not I will remain obedient…regardless of the risks and obstacles along the way.

What is God calling you to do? Will you be obedient?

Seriously….will you?

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11 thoughts on “Will We Be Obedient?

  1. I have what may be a tougher question; how do you know when you're being obedient?

    I've shared with you some of the issues that have impacted my marriage in a negative way. I've been faithful to take the leading of the Lord to turn my life around and He's been faithful in pulling me up from out of the sinful mire I was in. But I've left my wife's heart damaged. So my second task has been to turn my heart towards her in all things and ways.

    I'm trying to live out that relationship based on Eph 5:25 and Phil 2:3-7. I've made some assumptions here. That God really meant what He said in those verses. That He wants me to stay faithful to my wife and my marriage no matter what. That I am called to love my wife unconditionally. And so I try and obey and live my life for Him and her every day as a humbled servant. But after a year with no real perceptible change in her heart, it gives me pause to wonder am I really being obedient and if I am, why does there appear to be no fruit from that obedience?

    In many ways I can look at my life and see blessings and places where He's just there. But when it comes to the marriage, at the end of every day, I feel that I could had done the things I did for her and been the man that I needed to be for her or I could have just been there and have been nice and polite but nothing special and the outcome would have been the same.

    • Jon, these are great questions. This is a long answer made short, so I'll try to clarify if needed in another comment, but basically I believe you are looking for obedience only in actions…yours and others reaction to them…rather than also in heart. There are times throughout Scriptures and our life where God calls us to actions, but those actions don't necessarily bring the results we were seeking. That doesn't mean His will is not being done. Our job is to obey…not to control the results of that obedience. Make sense? God may ask us to do things which make no sense to us, but to God they are teaching us valuable lessons about ourselves, life and God.

      That doesn't solve your marriage issue, but I think you may be looking for results as a direct reaction to your obedience. I'm not sure that's always how it works. To me that seems that we would be directing the results as we would have them…which may or may not be as God would have them. God will many times, for example, not force the heart of another. He allows them to choose obedience to Him, just as He allowed you to do.

      Does any of that make sense?

      Praying for you.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  2. wow.. That a tough question but, I think yes I will be obedient to what God is calling me to do. God has put it on my heart to open an organization for children that comes from broken/ children that are hurting and need someone to care and give them hope and to be loved on. I know that a big thing He has put on my heart but, there are things I need to do and take care of before I can get this started and I will be obedient by do the things that He has showed and told me to do before. For example, as you know what I have been really going through this past month it has been very hard but I know the choices I have made were obedient to Him and I know the next steps I am taking are going to help me fullfill God plan for my life. Congrats on the 5 years.. 🙂

  3. Funny you write this today. First, congrats on your anniversary. God basically called me to give up a lot of things that I had in front of him this weekend and it's surprising me how easy it is to lay it down. It's hard to wait for what God's going to do in it's stead, though. 🙂

  4. Obedience is one of the most underscored themes throughout Scriptures, not because it is not present throughout Scriptures, but because people struggle to make the connection that obedience flows out of love. All around you can hear "God is love," "God is love," "Christ said to love each other," "Love sums the commandments," "God is love" etc. Yet it is amazing how people do not share the same exhortations towards our obedience to God's will. I am not suggesting that God's will is the same for each individual, but I think all too often we avoid the question of obedience. Thank you for your exhortation this morning.