Free Fridays Book Giveaway: Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

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I have a couple more book giveaways coming up soon…stay tuned!

Today I’m super excited to give away four (4) copies of Mary Beth Chapman’s new book “Choosing to SEE: A Journey of Struggle and Hope”.

Chapman is wife to singer and songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman. In this book, Chapman talks about how her role as the wife of her charismatic celebrity, which was never what she intended or even had planned for her life. Living outside her comfort zone was only heightened when in 2008, the tragic death of their five-year-old daughter, Maria, led to a deep inner heartache. This is the story of one family’s journey towards hope, faith, and love through the high and very low periods of life and about learning how to trust God in the worst of times.

If you would like to win a copy of this book:

1. RT this post with something such as “Free Friday giveaway by @RonEdmondson Details here: “
2. Comment on this post with your name. Make sure I have either a Twitter or email address.

After 9 PM tonight CST I will choose four (4) random winners using from the comments received.

You do not want to miss this book!

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43 thoughts on “Free Fridays Book Giveaway: Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman

  1. Here are today’s winners:
    I have a couple more book giveaways coming up soon…stay tuned!
    Twitter: Ronedmondson

  2. This book looks good. I love the Chapman's. Both Steven and Mary Beth are amazing people and I admire them for being able to see the positive in what has been a dark time for them. I am not going to lie, I am not sure I would be able to do that. Glory be to God for them.

    Kevin Murray

  3. Books maketh a man.You may not live long enough to make all the mistakes or experiences yourself but by reading good books like ‘choosing to see’ by Chapman,you stand on eagle’s (learning from other people’s experiences) and save yourself the cost of going to school of hard knock.Pst. Ron,thanks for making out time to share this.Shalom!!!.

  4. I really would enjoy a chance to win a copy of "Choosing to See", by Mary Beth Chapman. I'm a mother of three children, homeschool mom, day care provider, college student, but most importantly; child of God, mother and wife. I haven't read the book, but would really like to have a copy, because I'm sure I could use it in my everyday life. God Bless

  5. To continue on in such an admirable manner after such heartbreak is indicative of a faith and relationship, so deep rooted, that the heavy storms of life have and can not blow it down. I'd love to read this book and will do is irregardless of being given one. It's going to be a must read again and again in my private collection/bookshelf. Being a church planter targeting in 2011 this will be well timed and encouraging.

    Mark Levigne
    Cleveland, Ohio

  6. I would love to read their story. I have been fans of the Chapmans for a long time. I love their precious family.


  7. I would love to read this. This family has been such an inspiration in their faith even when their worst fears were realized.


  8. @dljordaneku

    I've been wanting to get this book for my wife ever since I seen it so one way or another I am getting this book 🙂

  9. I have been eyeing this book for some time now. I first heard about it over a rebroadcast of a radio show from sometime last year… And then I saw it in the new releases section of the lifeway mailout… I am saying all this to say that for whatever reason this book keeps coming to the forefront of my mind and I will end up getting it if I am not lucky enough to win it! Great book giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity…

  10. Ron, thanks so much for introducing us to this book and being generous! My wife and I have been praying for the Chapman's and inspired by the grace demonstrated. We would love to go deeper with Mary Beth. Thanks again! @kicktheball

  11. I almost bought this book last Friday but did not have the extra money. I am so excited to read this book. My heart and prayers have been with the Chapman family throughout their difficult journey. I have found out just how much strength God will give you through tragedy if you just hold on to your faith. I believe this book will be #1 on the top selling list. Hopefully one day I will have the privalege to read it.

  12. Ron,
    The Chapman's story is one of grace and mercy! As a pastor, I am always looking for books to recommend to people who are going difficult times. Ofcourse I alway take them to the scripture first! But then to give them something else's story sometimes helps them during their time of need. Thanks for promoting this book!

  13. I would love to read this book. My husband (and I) are Church planters. It has been an exceedingly difficult year. Leaving a large congregation to come to a place with no since of fellowship in Christ has been lonely. Our family has suffered the death of a child (prior to the plant), my husband has lost a brother, grandfather and step-mom all since the plant began. We are trusting in God to see us through. He always does.

    The Chapmans have always been a inspiration through music, faith and family.

    Thank you for promoting this book. It will a blessing to many!