Ted Video: Billy Graham on Technology and Faith

Just discovered this Ted video with Billy Graham talking about technology and faith. He’s humorous, engaging, and shares an interesting perspective about how to deal with technology in the future. He’s talking to a secular audience in 1998, but his words are still practical and helpful. The most encouraging part to me was to see the boldness of his talk in the midst of such a crowd.

Enjoy some time listening to this honored man:

Do you have a story or favorite memory of Billy Graham?

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2 thoughts on “Ted Video: Billy Graham on Technology and Faith

  1. In it for the money? I recall rainedg in Graham’s autobiography that he was appalled at the large amounts of money that were being collected in his early crusades. Thus he made sure he always received an average salary from his ministry that ran the meetings, regardless of how much people actually gave.But I suppose it goes without saying that we shouldn’t expect Hitchens to do any actual research into this matter before bloviating upon it.
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