Funded and Free: Helping Church Finances

Casey Graham
and Joe Sangl have become good friends. Casey and Joe share several things in common with each other. They are both incredibly high-energy, they are both funny (or think they are) and, most importantly, they both share a heart to help churches and people live in financial freedom. Specifically for the church, their desire is for churches to be able to fully fund the vision God has given the church.

As writers of the new book, “Funded and Free”, Casey and Joe combine their practical experience serving on church staffs with their most current experience helping churches and individuals across the nation achieve financial success. In this easy-to-read, practical and concise book, Casey and Joe help us understand the obstacles churches face and how to deal appropriately with finances and debt. Every church leader needs to read this book.

Check out the FUNDED AND FREE website where you can buy 5 copies for $50. This low-cost investment will promote lasting Kingdom rewards. Let your finance team, leadership team, or staff read this book together and get your church headed in a more positive direction financially.

Just curious, how is your church fairing financially in this current economy? Could you use some help?

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3 thoughts on “Funded and Free: Helping Church Finances

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