7 Questions I Have About Leadership

I am a student of leadership. It’s one of my favorite subjects.  I believe principles of leadership are throughout the Bible. God seemed to look for qualities in people He sought for leadership positions. God primarily sought obedience, but He often used a person’s experience also.  Consider David, for example, his field experience protecting the sheep gave him the courage to step into a leadership of battling Goliath. God seemed to single out certain people with the ability to lead.

While I believe the Bible is full of leadership principles and the church today needs better leaders, there are still questions I have about the subject. Perhaps you can help:


  • Can leadership be clearly defined and is it important to define it?
  • Is a person who leads people towards corruption or destruction still considered a leader, or does leadership always head people in a positive direction?
  • Is there a difference in leadership and management?
  • Can leadership be taught or is it innate?
  • Is there a certain aptitude or personality more suited for leadership?
  • Is everyone a leader in some area of his or her life?
  • Can someone choose to be a leader or does one become a leader only when people choose to follow him or her?

What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “7 Questions I Have About Leadership

  1. i'm learning about all of those questions right now in my first leadership class for my major… I might get back to you on it if I get it figured out. The one thing that I do know is that while it is important to keep your bottom line that you're about it is i think equally important to keep not only your own strengths and weaknesses in mind but very mindful that each individual in your organization is exactly that- an individual.

  2. 1. leadership is influence & everything rises & falls with leadership
    2. no–those people are still a leader, but with poor character, morals & values. hitler was a leader!
    3. definitely in a huge way & once you learn about true servant leadership, you will readily recognize the diff.
    4. babies aren't born leaders. they are born dependent on everyone & learn independence. we are all capable of becoming a leader….that's why we call it "leadership development" i believe some have stronger abilities than others to lead….consider the personality types…
    5. generally people tend to believe the choleric, dominant, or type 'A' is more suited. they can have ambition / drive, but terrible people skills. other personality types may shrink from decisions, but love people! once you determine your personality, you can develop even those areas of weakness. applied with dreams/purpose/passion, any one can change & lead.
    6. yes, usually more than they know or recognize.
    7. it's a choice–others can "influence" as in my #1 answer and be the catalyst for them to develop into a leader. i was a self-proclaimed "follower" all my life until someone (a Christian ed director at my church) believed in me. i chose to change and make that choice daily.

    thanks ron! great questions!

  3. 1. I believe leadership is a personal venture, therefore the definitions can vary greatly. But it needs to be defined to be effective.
    2. Unfortunately not all leaders are bringing their followers along on a positive journey. There are many cases of charismatic leaders who caused mass destruction.
    3. Leadership is the people process, management is the process-process
    4. Leadership is learned. It appears some are born leaders, but the reality is they are taught leadership as they grow. Many times inadvertently.
    5. One absolutely required trait is love of people. It is nearly impossible to be a positive leader if you don't like people. Any personality type can become a leader, some require more effort and change.
    6. Where there is success in life there is leadership to some degree.
    7. There has to be a decision to become a leader, but leadership only happens when we develop followers.

  4. I recently attended a summit where the Chick-fil-a Corporate team were our main session speakers. One of them said that their are 6,000 different forms or definitions of leadership. I can't remember how he came to that conclusion, but 600 or 6,000 the point was clear…it can take many forms

  5. I love all those questions. Those are questions I've asked myself. I think certain personalities draw people more than others, but it takes more than that to be an effective leader. If people are following you, you are a leader. Unfortunately this includes the likes of Hitler or Napoleon. A student of leadership has to look at why those types of leader rose to power and what went wrong.

    Leadership is something that continues to be developed and learned. There are areas in my life I'm the leader and other areas I'm the follower. I believe you need the balance to prevent the aforementioned arrogance of a dictator.

    A manager keeps the status quo. There is nothing wrong with this. If an operation is moving optimally it only needs management. But when change is necessary, that's when leadership is necessary. Leaders are change agents.