Guest Post: Nate Edmondson on Entertaining Vs. Engaging

My son Nate is opinionated. I suppose he gets that honestly. I’ve said before, however, that he’s one 18 year old freshman in college that you need to keep your eye on for the future. He’s going places. (I’m biased, but I’m also a realist.) As a student at Moody Bible College, Nate has been processing the way we do church even more these days. Today he shared a new post. (I wish he would post more often.)

Read his thoughts on entertaining versus engaging in worship services:

All my life I’ve heard Bible-believing, well-meaning Christians criticize modern ministry methods because they were more “entertaining” than “Biblical”. Before I could go to “big church” the argument was over hymnals vs. projector screens. When I was 8, everyone was all bent out of shape over “dressing up for church”. People had begun wearing collared shirts and khakis instead of shirts and ties. When I was 10 it was over “contemporary music”. When I was 12 it was over small groups vs. Sunday School.

To read the rest of his post, click HERE.

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