Don’t Hire Yourself…

People typically tend to hire someone they can easily get along with, relate to, etc. While that is a good practice in many ways, often that intent translates into hiring clones of the person doing the hiring. Before long, as the organization grows, it is full of similar interest people attempting to reach the vision. While that may sound good in principle, it actually becomes a very limiting system. It is actually variety on a team that stretches the team to reach new heights.

Personally speaking, while hiring people like me may have been my tendency in years past, the older I get the more I am concentrating on my weaknesses.  I know my strengths. I need to know what’s holding me back from being all God wants me to be. These days I want to surround myself with people that stretch me.

Leaders, as you are building your team, look for people that are not like you. Don’t hire yourself…hire someone who completes you. Hire people that take you out of your comfort zone, maybe even conflict with your personality a little. In the end, it will make your organization better.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Hire Yourself…

  1. Hey Ron, great post.
    I'm reading a book on collaboration right now and they make the same point. Also the authors state that if you are committed to the same vision and mission you don't even need to be that great of friends. However, I'm glad the people that I work with have complimentary skills and abilities as well as being good friends.
    Blessings on you my brother,