An Interview With Leader Pete Wilson of Crosspoint

A few weeks ago, I began interviewing leaders I admire.  My first was Ben Arment.  You can read that interview HERE.  Another leader I am learning from is Pete Wilson. You can follow Pete on Twitter HERE.

Pete is a neighbor and friend in the ministry. Pete has a tremendous following online, but meeting with him always proves to me he is as nice in person as is presented by his Internet persona.  The church Pete planted, Crosspoint, is twice the age of our church and nearly twice our size, so we learn much from their continued growth.  Pete’s much anticipated first book comes out soon. Click HERE to purchase in advance. The quality I admire most about Pete is that he surrounds himself with sharp people and entrusts leadership and ownership of the vision to them.  I think that shows in the work God is doing through them at Crosspoint.

Here are 10 questions with Pete Wilson:

1.    When you were growing up, is this what you thought you would be doing vocationally?  If not, what did you want to do?

I actually wanted to be a rock star.  I was even in a band called “Fragile Crate.”  We were awesome and were convinced that we were going to be the next big thing.  It was either going to be a rock star or I was going to be President of the United States.

2.    What’s the most different job you’ve had from what you are doing now and how did that job help you with what you are doing now?

Selling tuxes in a formal wear shop. Taught me a lot about how to deal with people, which is about 80% of ministry.

3.    Who is one person, besides Christ, who most helped to shape your leadership and how did they help you?

I would have to say Dave Gibson. He was the owner of the tux shop. I was 16 years old and whenever business was slow, he would make me read Christian leadership books. He’s probably the first one that told me that I had a leadership gift that needed to be cultivated.

4.    Besides the Bible, what is one book that has most helped to shape your thought process in life and ministry?

I read Rick Warrens “Purpose Driven Church” when I was a senior in college. As I was reading that book, a light bulb went off in my head. It was the first time I realized that church could be done differently than the way I had experienced it.

5.    What are three words other people would use to describe your work style/ethic?

Relational, Truthful, Driven

6.    What is your greatest strength in leadership?

Collaboration. I love collaborating with creative, focused leaders. I work best in the context of a team.

7.    What is your greatest weakness in leadership?

I am a people pleaser. I want to grant every request, every meeting and it sometimes gets me in trouble.  That’s definitely one thing I continue to work on.

8.    What is the hardest thing you have to do in leadership?

Say no consistently and imagine ways to repackage the same vision over and over.

9.    What is one misconception about your position you think people in your church may have?

I think people make an assumption that I’ve changed over the years when, in reality, my position has changed, not me.

10.  If you could give one piece of advice to young leaders from what you’ve learned by experience, what would it be?

Constant contact with the Creator is essential for transformational leadership.

Thanks Pete for this insight into you and your leadership.

How else should I attempt to interview?

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22 thoughts on “An Interview With Leader Pete Wilson of Crosspoint

  1. That is Daniel Mosley not David lol. I hit my head with the handle of a shovel today and i think scrambled my brain a bit… Anyways its Daniel Mosley from Chapel Hill Church.

  2. I think u should interview David Mosley he is with the church at Chapel Hill. Super talented Christian leader!! If not him then the head pastor at Chapel Hill Dave Divine or the Pastor at Buckhead Church Andy Stanley. But David gets first vote. 😀

    • Thanks. I’m not familiar with him. I will check him out. He’s got to be good if you recommend him ahead of Andy. Andy would be one most of us pastors would love to interview. Maybe someday.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  3. Thanks Jenni for your comment. You are another amazing leader and I am fully convinced one of the chief reasons Crosspoint and Pete Wilson is successful. I'm certain he would agree. BTW, you are on my list to interview with the same questions! God bless.
    Twitter: Ronedmondson

  4. I've had the privilege of working with Pete for nearly 5 years on staff and longer than that as a volunteer. My respect for his leadership just continues to grow. Thanks for honoring him with this post!

  5. Ron, If Pete paid up I would give it all to you in a grand ceremony covered live by every news outlet in the Nashville. (don't get your suit pressed anytime soon. 🙂

  6. Thank you Ron for interviewing Pete. We follow each other on twitter and although we have never met in person he has always responded to my tweets and has been very helpful when I have had questions. This interview gives me a few more windows into his life.
    Do you know Bill Burke? Bill is the Executive Pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA. He is an awesome leader and would love to see you interview him. He's a great guy!

  7. I've know Pete since he read "The Purpose Driven Church". In fact, he suggested I read it and then we along with a few others saw Rick in Nashville at a day long seminar.

    I can tell you this about Pete, he is the real deal. He's real flawed, real sincere, really a people pleaser but working hard not to be and really in love with people and Jesus. He's just as screwed up as the rest of us but constantly turns back to the Father for direction, instruction and peace.

    btw, if He had set his sites on being President we would all have bumper stickers saying "Wilson 2016".

  8. I've learned more from observing Pete over the last six months I've been at CP than most of the pastors I've known for decades. I hate to keep pumping him up all over the place because he's human like the rest of us but the guy's taught me a lot without saying a word. And his words have been pretty good too.