Different Leaders…Different Approaches To Leadership

Leaders have different styles, personalities, and strengths. For that reason, it only makes sense that leaders use different approaches to carrying out their leadership. That does not mean one approach is better or worse, or even more effective than another approach. They are simply different approaches. In some settings, one may even be the better approach at the time.

Some leaders lead more by teaching…

Some leaders lead more by example…

Some leaders lead more through relationships…

Some leaders lead more by empowering/delegating…

Some leaders lead more by control…

My advice to young leaders is to learn from different style leaders and attempt to soak up the best from each as you develop your own personal approach to leadership.

Which of the above descriptions best describes your approach to leading others?

Is there one you wish you used more often?

Can you think of times when one approach is more necessary?

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5 thoughts on “Different Leaders…Different Approaches To Leadership

    • Peter, I suspect you are too hard on yourself…but if that's you…get out of the corner now and report to leadership!
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  1. I am the relational style. I am currently reading "It's Okay to be the Boss" by Bruce Tulga, while I don't agree with a lot of what he says he is certianly challeging me to be more directive. Good post Ron