Gaining Wisdom From Great Leaders, Great Churches, and Great Companies

I had a great couple days this week hanging out with Casey Graham of The Change Group as he visited with Kristin Ruther from The Aspen Group and Tim Stevens and Kem Meyer at Granger Church one day and then Scott Hodge from Orchard Community Church the next day. It was challenging, tiring, and personally rewarding.

Casey is a remarkable strategist for churches trying to think through funding their vision. His company also helps churches with basic bookkeeping services, saving them money and allowing them to concentrate on doing ministry and stay legal and accurate with accounting functions. I loved hearing Casey talk with these connections this week. More than learning for my own church, however, I was personally invested in by the professionals in each of these environments.

In all three environments, I received more than the time I gave up for being there. Aspen Group is a true Christian development company; assisting churches in the upper Midwest achieve their building goals. If I was building in that part of the country, I would certainly give them a call. Granger Community church has been a cutting edge, influencing church for years. I was able to see firsthand that they are the “real deal” behind the scenes. Tim and Kem are incredibly sharp leaders and part of a great team. Scott Hodge is truly one of the nicest guys I have ever met. I felt that he genuinely cared for me personally. I could tell that we would be great friends if we lived closer to each other. I identified with much of his work, philosophy and struggles as a pastor.

Thanks Casey for allowing me to tag along. I made great connections and feel even more energized for the work God has called me to do at Grace. I hope we get to hang again soon.

Much of the leadership skills I have today have come through the investment of other people.  These days I am constantly seeking wisdom so I love what guys like Michael Hyatt and others are doing to mentor and coach groups of other leaders.  They challenge me to invest in others.

Have you benefited recently from others investing in you?

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