Thoughts on the Local Church, by Nate Edmondson

nate+closeupI love that Nate is finally blogging again (I hope this is the start of a trend).  He’s my son, so I am biased, but I really believe he’s got a lot of great thoughts to share.  He’s always been a thinker.  He is beginning to experience what I have experienced as a church planter, planting a church that does things differently than the traditional church.  Since both my boys have lived ministry with me through two church plants, they have adopted the principles of church planting as their paradigm for church structure.  Unfortunately, change doesn’t come easily for most church leaders, and so just as I have experienced opposition, Nate is now experiencing some of that at his Christian college.  It’s a great learning and faith testing process for him.

Here’s some of his thoughts on the local church:

One question I’ve been wrestling with since I’ve been at Moody is what the local church in America should look like. Since being here I’ve received some opposition towards the way Grace does church in Clarksville. I’ve gotten lots of questions like: Do small groups provide accurate means for discipleship? Is the governmental structure too corporate, and as a result too secular? Do topical messages truly teach the Bible? Should the environments be tailored for believers or non-believers?

Honestly this has made me question a lot of the ministry principles I’ve learned the last few years.

To read the rest, go to this blog post click  HERE.

What do you think about Nate’s thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Local Church, by Nate Edmondson

  1. I go to a church that is probably structured somewhat like Grace Church. We believe strongly in the concept or small groups and have other discipleship groups meet where needed. Our government structure is an eldership to basically make the “rules” and run the spiritual side of the church with deacons handling the day to day running of the physical infrastructure. We believe that the basic setup is very Biblically based. As far as teaching on Sunday morning, although topical messages are a part of it, most teaching times would probably be considered Bible-Teaching. But this is usually in the context of a larger overarching topic that our minister will address with direct Bible teaching as well as thoughts and examples from Christian leaders and authors. We use our teaching time on Sunday morning more as a “Sunday School” for adults more than a sermon.

    As far as environment, all are welcome, but we are a body of believers and make no bones about that.