The Real People Behind The Online Presence

I enjoyed meeting some of the people that I admire online this week at Cultivate Conference in Chicago. Names that appear bigger than life to me, because I enjoy their blogs and work so much, were up close and personal. I shook the hands of people like, Jon Acuff, Kem Meyer, Scott McClellan, Kent Shaffer, Tony Steward and Rhett Smith.

I think the humbling thing for me was the reminder that these are real people. I heard a couple of their stories. They have real stories too.

Sometimes I think we tend to forget that behind the bigger than life appearance a strong web presence gives someone are real people with real stories…and real problems and challenges to life.

That’s true for all of us…

That’s true for me….

The fact is that I blog a lot. (Some would say too much.) There may be the tendency to believe I know what I’m talking about sometimes….

…Sometimes I actually do…

…Many times its because I learned a lesson the hard way…

But with everyone that has an online presence, including in my case, it’s important to remember that the online presence may not be a complete picture of reality. We can seem to have it all together through our blogs…but behind the computer sits real people with real stories…and real problems and real challenges to life.

What’s your current problem or challenge?  Do you clean it up well online?

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2 thoughts on “The Real People Behind The Online Presence

  1. Just “happened” to come to your Blog..ha..He brought me here, I think you’ll agree. You are a wise man and if I didn’t live in Minnesota, well I would attend your Church! Yep, I would! But, since that’s not possible, I wanted to ask for your Prayers. I put a link to my Blog, but here it is again:
    I am battling cancer and also adjusting to having had my leg amputated and learning how to do things in a different way! Most important, I Serve a Mighty God and I know He is always with me, thru the good days and the not so good!
    I hope to hear from you. I’ll be following your Blog!
    Blessings! Jo
    .-= Karen Jo Moseley´s last blog ..There’s A New Kid In Town!!! =-.

    • Karen, I am so sorry to hear of your battle with cancer. I recently wrote about how much I hate the disease. I’m adding your to my prayers. God bless you greatly with comfort, little pain, and continued richness with His glory upon you.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson