Doing Your Part To Make The Marriage Work

marriageHere is a quick reminder to husbands and wives:

You are responsible to God and your spouse to obey the vows you took before God and others the day you married.

We often make excuses for our behavior because of the behavior of our spouse, but if each partner is accountable for their own role the marriage will be strengthened.

I have heard all the arguments.  One spouse feels unloved so he or she refuses to give love or respect.  One spouse feels disrespected, so he or she refuses to give back respect or love.  I understand it is difficult, but the fact remains each spouse is accountable for his or her heart and actions.

I am not at all advocating that a spouse must endure physical or emotional abuse. That is a completely different issue.  I am addressing the average marriage struggles where two people are equally at fault. In those cases, if one spouse will genuinely fulfill their responsibility, unless the other spouse has completely closed their heart to the marriage, the marriage is likely to see improvement.  It is when each spouse becomes selfish and refuses to do live their part of the marriage commitment that lines are crossed, feelings are hurt, and severe damage is done to the marriage.

Have you been doing your part to make the marriage work?

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