Use The Summer To Prepare For Fall

SummerSunOne quick reminder.  Don’t kill a summer.  Use it to plan for fall.

Summer is often a time for church leaders (unless you are youth leaders) to take vacations, chill out, and rest up.  While I agree with that need, the fact is that fall gets here quickly and we need to be prepared for one of the best growth opportunities of the year.

Take some extra time before summer is over to spend some time dreaming, planning and implementing steps to help your church have a great fall!

I would love to learn from you.  What are you doing this summer to prepare for a great fall?

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2 thoughts on “Use The Summer To Prepare For Fall

  1. Ron, I have been saying this for a long time now. Too often churches do nothing in the summer or do too much in the summer. It is a great time to plan for the most important season for a church, the fall! One thing I do is give small groups a break, do more social gatherings and use the time normally used to plan for these ministries to plan for the fall and even the whole year.