The Value of Facebook and Twitter Combined



I love the combination of Twitter and Facebook. Now that Facebook has usernames it will be easier to connect the two. I use the two differently, but both have value in my ministry.

Here are some of the ways I use the two:


  • Twitter allows me to make quick connections/network with people who encourage, inspire or teach me.
  • Twitter allows me to get things out quickly that I am processing in my mind. As someone who is always processing, this is a needed mind dump at times.
  • Twitter updates my Facebook, which makes gives me two platforms to connect with people at once.
  • Twitter connects me to people I would never meet otherwise.
  • I have written more about Twitter HERE and HERE.
  • If we are not connected by Twitter find me HERE.


  • Facebook has become the most frequently used way that my church stays in touch with me. People feel they know me personally because of my consistent updates. That opens the door for more personal contact via Facebook emails.
  • I get to know my church better through Facebook. It helps me remember names, connect faces to people and I actually feel a part of people’s lives that I only see once a week.
  • Facebook allows people to see my family, connect with Cheryl, and realize that I am just a real person. With a large church it keeps me from seeming like just a person who shows up on stage to speak and I believe people listen most to people they trust and feel they know personally.
  • Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with friends I have not seen in years. I am getting to know them all over again as well as meeting their families all while online. I almost feel that I am in high school or college again at times.
  • If we are not connected by Facebook find me HERE.

I love the two social mediums working together.  How do you incorporate the two?  What other tools do you use to connect with people?

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5 thoughts on “The Value of Facebook and Twitter Combined

  1. Facebook and texting is great for me..although my all time favorite is connecting 2 tin cans together with string and chatting…there are some logistic problems with this method

  2. Great post Ron.

    If it wasn’t for Facebook and Twitter, I would never have known that I have a brother named Ron Edmondson and would not have benefited from your teaching and encouragement.

    I’m very glad you use them in your ministry!