What Is God Up To At Grace Community Church?

thegbwI don’t know how to describe what’s happening right now at Grace Community Church, short of the Spirit of God works in the hearts of people.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I know God is more interested in people in our community than I am or any of our staff is concerned…and we love our community, but it is an exciting time to be at Grace.

In 3 and half years we have watched God bring people to the church through their neighbors, friends and families.  We have witnessed double-digit growth every year.  After a church reaches the size ours is now growth normally begins to slow to a smaller rate, but this year we have had yet another growth spurt.  Most Sundays this year have been 30% in attendance or more over last year.  (I wish our budget were doing likewise, because we might be able to staff appropriately or build a building soon, but that will come in time.)  Not only are more people attending but also God is showing up in people’s lives in incredible ways!

Another phenomenon is that God is bringing people with influence over a circle of friends or family. As these people get excited they start to bring the people within their circle.  If this trend continues we can expect even greater things in the months to come!  I’m pumped for God!  (I’m nervous for us as a staff, because I think we quit being able to figure out what God is doing or to manage growth a couple years ago! We will need more than ever to rely on Christ’s strength.)

I’m curious from other pastors, is your church experiencing the same thing right now?  Can you explain what is happening?

Grace people, what do you think God is doing?  Do you sense it like I do?

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