An Example of Simple, Child-Like Faith

pugHave you ever had a family pet?  If so, you probably know the emotion of losing one or the thoughts of what would happen if you did.  We can get very attached to our animals.

Recently some friends of ours 12-year-old dog was lost in their neighborhood. The dog has numerous health problems, so they naturally assumed the worst. They were obviously upset about it and asked us to pray.  Thankfully a few days later they found their pug.  I wanted to share the story of how their 3-year-old son reacted to the dog’s disappearance and the example he is for us of a child-like faith.

Here is an excerpt from my friend’s email (I inserted some parenthesis explanations so you can follow along):

First, let me start by saying that God has shown me what an unwavering faith can do.  On Sunday, when we lost Lucy (the dog), Steve and I were sad.  I was careful not to cry in front of Aiden (their son) because I did not want him getting overly upset but he knew we were sad.  He told Steve and I, “not to worry, Jesus would take care of Lucy.”  Sweet and true, but I wasn’t sure if he really knew what he was saying. Then on Monday morning Steve was on the computer and I heard Aiden tell him, “Jesus will bring Lucy home,”, to which we answered, ”I hope so.”  That night as we were going to bed and Aiden was saying his prayers he said, ”Jesus, thank you for bring Lucy home”, not will you, not please do, but thank you.

This is when I knew that Aiden believed what he was asking and I was amazed and wanted to so badly to believe with him.  I must even admit that part of me was worried that he would be disappointed. He never wavered, he was sure, so I figured I would join him.  If he believed that strongly and was that convicted, I would go along with him.  I started agreeing with him and praying like he prayed, but I must admit I still had that piece of me that was a tad doubtful.  I even prayed that God would use this to help teach Aiden how powerful faith is.  Today when Aiden saw Lucy, he didn’t seem really surprised, as a matter of fact he said, “I told you Jesus was taking care of Lucy.”

Anyway, I learned so much on faith from a 3 year old this week and what I pray is that God will teach me how to be more like my son and help me to be a mother that builds that faith in this child, not let life destroy it.

What a great picture of a child-like faith!  I agree with my friend.  I want a faith like Aiden’s faith!

It reminds me how much I have learned from my own children.  What have your children taught you about God and faith?

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3 thoughts on “An Example of Simple, Child-Like Faith

  1. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your favorite pet. I too had a pet and he left us few years back. I understand how much you are embarrassed on this situation because I also faced a similar situation before.
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  2. I am SO happy to have read this story. I thought I was alone when it came to praying for my pets. About 8 months ago or so, my cat, Henry was continously ill with only a 2 week break at a time. He had REALLY bad kidney and urinary problems. He is only 3 years old now. Some people thought it was a little extravagant for me to pray for a “pet” not me. The Lord has healed him. He used to be ill every month now it is going on a year and NO MORE!! Animals are God’s FIRST creation so they deserve His love too. (BTW I have one more cat and a dog) They are one of my many blessing for which I am SO thankful to God. The others are my children and husband, of course.

  3. Ron, I loved this! If only we could retain that child-like quality of faith. When our oldest son was around 9yo, he prayed for his dad’s earache, mainly because he wanted to go see Star Wars. LOL! But we all went to the movies and hubby’s earache was healed. Thanks for this precious reminder. Blessings to you…Lynn