How do you calendar your life?


Apparently people still use these.  I thought paper calendars had disappeared.  I am a scheduled individual, but I haven’t used one in years. I have used Google calendar, Outlook, iCal, and my Blackberry, but all online.  I even had a period where I used a Lotus Spreadsheet, but I never printed it.

Today I saw a young college friend using his full-size paper calendar.  He is a very busy student, serving as campus government president, so he has plenty on his agenda, but next to the paper version was his Blackberry.  I was surprised to see him not using it and syncing it with his laptop.  He said he couldn’t function without the paper version.  Is he retro, is this a new trend of going back to an old way of doing things, or has it never left us?

What do you use to keep track of your life?  How do you stay organized? Or, are you like many people I know and you choose not to keep a calendar at all?

Just curious.

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6 thoughts on “How do you calendar your life?

  1. I use my blackberry, google calender and a diary (one we write on with paper 😉 ) I am 24 so "too young" to use paper…. but I do so.. in the case of if technology crashes

  2. I have 2 paper calendars…one on the wall next to my main phone and the other stays in my purse. I use only paper calendars because they are portable (don’t need power or access), are faster to use and information can be enter any way *I* want it entered…not how some programmer has decided. 🙂

  3. I use a checkbook size paper calendar that’s always in my purse. I have a BlackBerry but no data package and to me it’s quicker to just jot something down or cross it out on paper.